Lucid is a beautiful mix of Celeste and Castlevania – Hands-off Preview

A gorgeous indie game that will likely turn heads.

Image via Apogee Entertainment and The Matte Black Studio

Plenty of indie game potential seeps from the floors of PAX East every year. Lucid is one of those titles that will likely gain a large audience in the niche space. The game’s stunning art style and fascinating blend of beloved mechanics from retro and indie titles make Lucid a game to look out for.

A stunning “Celestoidvania”

Set in a stunning alien forest with purple trees and leaves strung over a grassy landscape, Lucid makes an appealing first impression. It gives off a serene atmosphere as you see a pixelated waterfall flowing down into an abyss below. Environmental crystals also shine within a stunning lighting system as well. To add its beauty, the music matches the atmosphere of Lucid perfectly with a dream-like score.

Image via Apogee Entertainment and The Matte Black Studio

The stocky main protagonist lumbers around the stage, zipping over the environment with a Celeste-like dash, adding flair to the platforming of Lucid. From the perspective of a hands-off view, the game looks like it controls beautifully.

In addition to the Celeste-like platforming, there’s also a variety of combat options available. The axe is a hard-hitting weapon that’s slow but can break armor, while a Megaman-like gun shoots small shots that can take out lesser enemies. You also have access to a sword that can be used in a quick combo. 

The weapons have multiple usages

The weapons aren’t just for battling with, however. Each weapon gives you unique platforming abilities that let you move around the landscapes of Lucid. This helps give Lucid a flowing gameplay experience. However, switching between them often might be cumbersome for some players to grasp, while they figure out the tight platforming.

What opens up the game further are the characters you’ll meet in your adventure. They’ll have their own quests and stories to tell in Lucid. In addition, the levels will have secrets and collectibles to find. With your newfound powers, you’ll be able to unlock newer areas in prior destinations like a classic Metroidvania.

One thing that can be worked on is the character design of the main protagonist himself. With a stunning world to explore in the background, he looks quite bland in the forefront. He has a rocky exterior with two simple eyes and a brown coat to cover him. Through his animations, he doesn’t show much personality, just bobbing up and down in the environment. Seeing some sort of unique movement while standing still or while he’s running would add more needed character to the protagonist.

During an interview with SwitchRPG, the developer said there will be a crowdfunding campaign and demo for the game around September. It’s one of the developer’s dreams to bring the game to a Nintendo console. Lucid will also be around the same length as the indie hit Hollow Knight, which its sequel has somehow not been released yet. Maybe Lucid could be the next best thing.

Image via Apogee Entertainment and The Matte Black Studio

It still sounds like Lucid is fairly early in development, but expect to hear more news about the game sometime this fall when a crowdfunding campaign launches. Lucid is an experience that blew me away on the PAX East show floor, and I can’t wait for you and I to get hands-on with this title, thanks to its beautiful environments and exciting platforming.