Strongest Pokémon of Each Type You Can Catch in Pokémon GO

Photo via Game Freak

Pokémon GO has been steadily updating with adding new Pokémon from each succeeding generation. Along with raids and quests that can even feature legendary Pokémon to capture, they will also get highlighted through special events. This list shows the current strongest Pokémon obtainable and, if needed, will be updated if any Pokémon gets dethroned by new Pokémon.

The Strongest Pokémon of Each Type

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Normal Type: Slaking

Max CP – 4431

As a lot of legendary Pokémon will be sure to take up slots in the other types, Slaking has the honor of having the highest CP for a Normal-type. It does have a high attack, but even with that and the highest CP, it is a flawed Pokémon. And it will take some time to grind Slakoth candies to evolve it into a Vigoroth, then finally Slaking.

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Fire Type: Reshiram

Max CP – 4038

Resihram might look beautiful, but it will be a strong legendary to face in raids. With strong moves like Draco Meteor and Overheat, it will pack quite a punch! Reshiram will undoubtedly be an excellent legendary to get and use for PVE content.

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Water Type: Kyogre

Max CP – 4115

As the Sea Basin Pokémon, Kyogre lives up to its name as the best Water-type in the mobile game. It can be a great sweeper against Fire, Ground, and Rock types with moves like Waterfall and Hydro Pump. Just be prepared whenever you get a chance to face one!

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Electric Type: Zekrom

Max CP – 4038

Zekrom is similar to Reshiram but has different moves that mirror its physical attack stat in the original games. With moves like Outrage and Wild Charge, they are powerful and excellent choices for their moves. Be sure to have capable partners that can take on it’s typing.

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Grass Type: Shaymin (Sky Forme)

Max CP – 3592

Shaymin surprisingly has high CP for its typing, though it is legendary. Moves like Solar Beam are great for its fantastic attack stat. It will be super weak against Ice-type moves, so watch out!

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Ice (and Dragon) Type: Black and White Kyurem

Max CP – 4605

Both Black and White Kyurem share the highest CP for both Ice and Dragon-type Pokémon. That is an accomplishment that not even its original form can take on. While poor Kyurem does not stand out, its fusions do help it to be the most active Ice and Dragon-type Pokémon.

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Fighting Type: Meloetta (Pirouette Forme)

Max CP – 3915

Meloetta looks very unlikely for being the most durable Fighting-type in the game currently, but the maximum amount of CP says it all. For the strongest moves, go with Close Combat and Hyper Beam. It will be fun to encounter Meloetta in upcoming raids, eventually!

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Poison Type: Roserade

Max CP – 2971

Surprised to see someone that isn’t a legendary? Roserade has the honor of having the most CP for a Poison-type and it shows how amazing it is in GO. It has great advantages for being either a Grass or Poison-type specialist or both!

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Ground Type: Groudon

Max CP – 4115

Like with those who have counterparts, Groudon shares the same CP as Kyogre but has a focus on Ground and even Fire-type moves. It has a lot of potential going forward. With moves like Earthquake, you cannot deny the Continent Pokémon’s capabilities.

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Steel Type: Dialga

Max CP – 4038

Dialga still has a unique typing of Dragon and Steel, but as a Steel-type, it takes the spot for the highest CP. Iron Head and Draco Meteor are excellent choices for its typing. However, you can have Dialga solely focus on one of its typings for covering its type advantages.

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Psychic Type: Mewtwo

Max CP – 4178

Mewtwo continues to reign supreme as the best Psychic-type Pokémon in any incarnation as possible. For pure Psychic-type advantage, it’s signature move Psystrike will do wonders alongside Confusion for consistent damage. It can even learn Shadow Ball to be rid of its Ghost-type weakness as well.

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Bug Type: Volcarona

Max CP – 3632

Volcarona is pretty much a better Charizard, and that’s saying something! With better stats, it can even have great moves like Overheat and Bug Buzz for its typing advantages. If you want to be that person, you can also have it learn Solar Beam to get rid of that nasty weakness to Rock-type moves.

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Ghost Type: Giratina (Origin Forme)

Max CP – 3683

One of the scariest Pokémon ever, Giratina’s Origin Forme, takes the spot for highest CP as a Ghost-type. It will have a tough time with the likes of Dark-types such as Darkrai, but it can scare Psychic types with its array of moves such as Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball. It is usually recommended to stick with Ghost-type moves for better type advantage.

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Flying Type: Landorus (Therian Forme)

Max CP – 3922

Landorus, specifically his Therian Forme, is a force to be reckoned with in battle. It has a promising attack stat and has a nice pool of moves, though it does lack Flying-type moves. Earth Power is a decent choice for its STAB move, and others such as Mud Shot can help with constant damage.

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Fairy Type: Togekiss

Max CP – 3332

Togekiss claims the spot for having the most CP as a Fairy type, and it fits the bill. It has balanced stats and, as great as Fairy-types are, can take care of Dragon and Fighting-type Pokémon. For its best use, the combo of Charm and Dazzling Gleam will make it a surprisingly threatening powerhouse.

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Rock (and Dark) Type: Tyranitar

Max CP – 3834

Tyranitar has the advantage of having the highest CP in its typing. It might not be the best overall attacker, but it’s decent at its job. You can do move sets that focus on one of its typings, such as Bite and Crunch or have a bit of both. All it takes is a strong Fighting-type to counter it, whether in raids or gym battles.