5 Letter Words Starting with SL – Wordle Game Help

Hopefully these words can get Wordle players out of a slump.

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Wordle players are often overjoyed to have easily pinpointed the first two letters of the correct word, as it often eases the process of phonetically working the final word out in one’s head. However, this prefix can easily sprawl out in different directions, overcomplicating relatively simple Wordle finishes. Fortunately, the following words each serve some sort of mid-game, utilitarian purpose to further simplify the final guesses.


The word “slung” is particularly uncommon in both the English language and a standard game of Wordle, acting as the past-tense verb form of a dual-purpose verb and noun. However, it can check for the presence of the vowel U, especially one in the middle letter slot.

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This sluggish mammal — or alternatively, deadly sin — functions nearly identically to the prior word on this list, albeit checking for the vowel O in the third slot instead of U. Five-letter words ending in TH are also particularly common, such that guessing “sloth” can work to test for their usage.

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“Slide” bears the unique distinction of being the only word on this list to simultaneously test multiple vowels, checking for both an I in the center slot and an E in the final slot. Guessing it early, particularly toward the second or third guess, can help to thin out potential words significantly.

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