5 Letter Words with E, A and D in them – Wordle Game Help

Don’t let yellow Wordle letters mislead you.

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The letters E, A, and D are very often used in the most common of English words, with E and A seeing mainstay use as two of the language’s five vowels. It’s very likely that Wordle players will identify these three letters as part of their solution word within their first few guesses, whittling down the last two potential letters until they find a familiar word.

However, many of the potential words that fit this criteria often rest sluggishly on the tips of tongues, suddenly feeling far less commonly used than they had been without the pieces missing. The following words serve different purposes and clear different trends in English word formation, assuring that later Wordle guesses work to narrow down the correct word.


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The word “heads” bears the unique distinction of ending with an S, clearing a handful of plural words if the placement of this S is incorrect. Otherwise, a green S at the end of the word could suggest words like beads, should the placement of the E, A, and D also be correct.


Using R as a second letter interacts fluently with initial letters like C, P, or T. For this reason, guessing “dream” is ideal when the first letter of the solution has yet to be correctly placed.


The use of “glade” as a guess word functions similarly to the letter R’s utility in “dream,” where the first letters of S, P, or B would flow well into L as a second letter. Additionally, Glade is a shining example of a guess that fits the mold as a word that contains E, A, and D, while also not being as readily available in the minds of average English users.

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