5 worst Engravings to use in Lost Ark

Avoid these Engravings.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Engravings are special traits you can level up and equip in Lost Ark that power up your abilities and make your characters stronger. Engravings are one of the many ways you can increase the strength of your character, but there are some Engravings that are stronger than others.

To level up an Engraving to a Legendary-tier Engraving is an expensive affair. Therefore, it’s important to know which Engravings are worth using and which are best left in the dust. This guide will go over the worst Engravings to use in the game, so you can know which Engravings to ignore.

Note: This guide does not go over Class Engravings, but rather general Engravings such as “Grudge” and “Keen Blunt Weapon.”

Enhanced Shield

The Enhanced Shield Engraving allows you to become invulnerable to all debuffs while affected by shields. However, shields you are affected by are weakened by 90%.

This is a bad Engraving, not doing anything substantial defensively, and actually weakening your shields overall. It’s highly recommended you avoid this Engraving altogether.

Crushing Fist

The Crushing Fist Engraving increases your Atk. Power by 4%/10%/20%. Countered enemies take 2%/4%/8% more damage from all party members.

While the Atk. buff is nice, there are far too few situations where you can counter an enemy, and some bosses like Argos do not have any moments where you can counter attack at all. As a result, most of the time, you won’t be getting any Atk. Power buff.

Explosive Expert

The Explosive Expert Engraving allows you to carry +1/+2/+3 bombs or grenades. There are very few situations where you need an extra bomb or battle grenade, so investing in resources to get Explosive Expert is not recommended.

Crisis Evasion

The Crisis Evasion Engraving renders you invincible for 3 seconds, recovering 50% of damage taken while invincible. This effect will activate once you take fatal damage.

This is a weak defensive Engraving, as the cooldown is too long to make consistent use of it. Even at Level 3, the cooldown is 9 minutes long. You can take an Engraving like Heavy Armor to prevent damage instead.


Necromancy summons temporary soldiers that runs up to foes and explodes to deal damage to them. The damage from these soldiers is very weak, and you need to invest in Level 3 Necromancy for them to summon at a reasonable rate (15 seconds.) However, even their exploding is unreliable. It’s highly recommended to avoid this Engraving.