All 12 Deeds of Giving challenges in Sea of Thieves Festival of Giving 2020

The Festival of Giving is here for 2020.

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The Festival of Giving has arrived to Sea of Thieves, and 12 challenges revolve around this splendid time of the year. Starting on December 9 until January 20, 2021, pirates in the Sea of Thieves community will be able to partake in exclusive events, challenges and share them with fellow crewmates. Apart of the Festival of Giving eve is the 12 Deeds of Giving, which feature 12 challenges everyone can complete. If you complete them before January 20, 2021, you’ll receive the All Deeds Defeating! reward

All 12 Deeds of Giving challenges and dates

The 12 Deeds of Giving challenges roll out on the first day of the event. But you won’t be able to complete them all on December 9. Instead, these challenges become available every 24 hours, so you’ll need to wait at least 12 days for all of the challenges to unlock. Luckily, they’ve already been listed out, so you can prepare with your crewmates about what to expect.

These are all of the challenges for the Festival of Giving event.

  • Twelve Chickens Drumming: Deliver 12 Cooked Chickens to The Hunter’s Call – Unlocks on December 9
  • Eleven Cannons Cursing: Strike other ships with 11 Curse Cannonballs while you have the Reaper’s flag – Unlocks on December 10
  • Ten Legends Searching: Find and interact with 10 of Umbra’s Immortalizations – Unlocks on December 11
  • Nine Skellies Slaying: Defeat nine Skeleton Captains during Bounty Voyages given to you by the Order of Souls – Unlocks on December 12
  • Eight Quests Embarking: Complete eight voyages – Unlocks on December 13
  • Seven Outposts Outing: Set Foot on all of the Outposts in Sea of Thieves – Unlocks on December 14
  • Six Ships A-Sinking: Sink six enemy ships – Unlocks on December 15
  • Five Stolen Thiiings!: Steal five chests from other crews and then turn them in – Unlocks on December 16
  • Four Hauling Booms: Hand in four gunpowder barrels to the Merchant Alliance – Unlocks on December 17
  • Three Fresh Hens: Hand in three living chickens to the Merchant Alliance – Unlocks on December 18
  • Two Total Dives; Hand in 2 Shipwrecked Chests to the Gold Hoarders – Unlocks on December 19
  • And a Monster…: Defeat a Megalodon or a Kraken – Unlocks on December 20

After you’ve completed all 12 challenges, you’ll receive the All Deeds Defeating! Achievement. Completing each of the challenges comes with a cosmetic, so completing them gives you access to each.