All armor types in Rogue Legacy 2, ranked

The armor wars have begun.

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Developer Cellar Door Games has always offered various starting classes for players of different skill sets and preferences. Rogue Legacy 2 is no different in that regard. All of the various armor sets are capable of benefitting each class uniquely. All armor blueprints are found in the Citadel and must be upgraded and unlocked at the blacksmith. This guide will rank the armor sets from eleven to one and break down their benefits.

11 – The Leather Set

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The Leather Armor set is the first set of armor you can find in Rogue Legacy 2. It focuses on resolve, which can be powerful even during late-game content. Each piece combines for low defensive values, and this armor will leave you vulnerable if you aren’t adept at dodging attacks. Use this build if you are confident in equipping lots of relics for a glass cannon playstyle.

10 – The Gilded Set

The Gilded Set is a late-game armor set in Rogue Legacy 2, and it’s not very good. It has meager all-around stats, and the price of upgrading it is very high. The low stats combined with poor set bonus make this one of the worst armor sets to use.

09 – The Drowned Set

The Drowned set is the seventh armor set you can discover in the Citadel. It features a high cost of upgrades for being one of the late-game sets and features utility bonuses for gold, aether, and ore income. This is an excellent set for farming resources, not so much for surviving the depths.

08 – The Scholar Set

The Scholar set is the second set you can find and unlock. Despite being an early game unlock, this set can be robust if used by magic users. The Bard class primarily benefits from this set with its high focus on magic-based crits.

07 – The Warden Set

This armor set is the polar opposite of the Scholar set. It has a high focus on weapon-based critical attacks and damage output. The Warden is a great armor set for the Duelist class for maximum synergy.

06 – The Sanguine Set

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The Sanguine set focuses on health by taking damage or attacks. This is an excellent set if you concentrate on a high-strength build. The life returned with each hit is based on how much damage each attack deals—an ideal armor set to use for barbarians.

05 – The Ammonite Set

This armor set is a fantastic set for spell heavy classes. Most mages are weak and have low HP, but this armor set provides very heavy defensive stats that make it ideal for protecting the magically inclined.

04 – The Crescent Set

This set is a great set for the Valkyrie or the Gunslinger class. This set has a very high focus on intelligence. Despite it arriving late game, this set isn’t as expensive as some of the very late game armor sets that arrive later.

03 – The Leviathan Set

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The Leviathan set provides the highest armor bonus in the entire game. It also has a low-weight chest piece, second only to the Wardens armor pieces. Unfortunately, this armor set has stats that range from HP to intelligence, so the lack of focus keeps it from being the best in the game.

02 – The Obsidian Set

This set is the ninth of eleven that can be discovered in the depths of the Citadel. This armor set has the highest vitality in the game, which can help you survive many challenging encounters and boss fights. It does have a high upgrade cost, but the price is well worth paying.

01 – The Kin Set

The Kin set is the best armor to forge in all of Rogue Legacy 2. This is the final armor set you can unlock at the Blacksmith, and its price to develop and upgrade is extreme. Outside of intelligence, this stat provides the best overall stats in the game. To begin finding the blueprints, you must be playing on NG+2. You will need a fully upgraded weight carrying capacity even to wear this armor, so invest wisely before crafting this armor.