All copy ability blueprint locations in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

You’re going to want these.

Image via Nintendo

Being able to upgrade copy abilities in Kirby and the Forgotten Land is one of our favorite new additions to the series. Getting the rare stones to be able to upgrade them will take enough work, but finding the blueprints can be a task in itself. Here is how to find all of the copy ability blueprints in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.


  • Chain – on the level Fast-Flowing Waterworks in Everbay Coast, in a chest after completing a locked-in combat arena
  • Homing – defeat King Dedede


  • Time – in the level Invasion at the House of Horrors in Wondaria Remains, right before you have to use the vending machine, look for the hole in the wall to the left of the stairs


  • Chakram – obtained when the weapon shop is opened
  • Buzz-Saw – on the level Searching the Oasis in Originull Wasteland, hidden behind a railing after fighting the three cactus enemies in the ring of poison


  • Pencil – defeat Clawroline
  • Twin – in the level Moonlight Canyon in Originull Wasteland, before going through the first door with the Kirby wanted poster by it, drop down to the ledge on the left and break the barrel


  • Volcano – obtained when the weapon shop is opened
  • Dragon – in the level Windy, Freezing Seas in Winter Horns, in the section with cannons firing at you, inhale a fire enemy and melt the ice on the lift. Then use the lift and take it to the right side of the corridor and pop up top to find a chest


  • Toy – on the level Welcome to Wondaria in Wondaria Remains, water the eight wilted flowers before the end of the course (the last is in a hidden room that is revealed from cleaning all of the mud on the ground)
  • Wild – in the level Alivel Mall (Staff Side) in Originull Wasteland, go into the secret room and fight the Wild Bonkers. After defeating them, inhale them to get the hammer ability then hit the nails in the room to open the cage with the chest in it
  • Masked – after viewing the credits, talk to King Dedede near the Colosseum


  • Frosty – at the end of the level The Battle of Blizzard Bridge in Winter Horns
  • Blizzard – defeat Sillydillo


  • Clutter – on the level Scale the Cement Summit in Everbay Coast, when you reach the area with steel blocks on the floor, hit the nearby bomb block to reveal the blueprint
  • Crystal – on the level The Wastes Where Life Began in Originull Wasteland, climb up the ship right before the warp star. Defeat Fleurina here and then walk to the left to find the chest


  • Gigant – in a chest after defeating Wild Edge on Circuit Speedway in Wondaria Remains
  • Meta Knight – defeat Meta Knight
  • Morpho Knight – defeat Morpho Knight


  • Noble – defeat Tropic Woods
  • Space – in the level Conquer the Inferno Road in Redgar Forbidden Lands, before jumping onto the boat near the end of the level, make sure you have the Ranger ability equipped. To the right of the cage that ends the level is a target you need to shoot


  • Deep – in the level Burning, Churning Power Plant in Redgar Forbidden Lands, light the lantern in front of it before going through the first door. Follow the coin path and climb up to find a secret door. Instead of going through it, float to the left to find a secret opening


  • Fleur – in the level The Wondaria Dream Parade in Wondaria Remains, in the section where you blow water to send the cars off track, hit the cracked wall to find a Waddle Dee. Behind that is another cracked wall to break
  • Storm – in the level Gathering of the Beast Council in Redgar Forbidden Lands, after beating Claworine, jump down to the right of the roller coaster before using it.