All crimes in Salt and Sacrifice

What did you do in your past life?

The crimes your character commits at the beginning of Salt and Sacrifice determine the unique item they will take with them during their journey. Each of the available crimes has a unique item, and they can provide minor benefits to you throughout your adventure. Your preferred item will vary based on your playstyle and your needs early on. Here are all of the crimes you can pick in Salt and Sacrifice.

You will be able to select your character’s crime alongside their class at the start of the game when you’re on the character customization screen.

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These are all of the crimes you can select and the items you receive in the game.

  • Arson
    • Firebombs
  • Alchemy
    • Phlogiston Decoction
  • Blasphemy
    • Censor of Harmony
  • Brigandry
    • Cutthroat’s Dagger
  • Drunkenness
    • Cracked Wineskin
  • Forgery
    • Forged Deed
  • Heresy
    • Krine Tablet
  • Lasciviousness
    • Lock of Hair
  • Smuggling
    • Signal Lantern
  • Sumptuousness
    • Signet Ring
  • Usury
    • Large Bag of Silver
  • Vagrancy
    • Wooden Doll

The starting item you have can be a direct benefit, such as the Cracked Wineskin from the Drunkenness, or a key thing, like the Lock of Hair from Lasciviousness. Each of the crimes varies, and every NPC you encounter will remark on your character’s crime, based on your choice. You will need to create a brand new character if you want to try a new one when starting the game.

These choices are not the biggest decisions, so don’t feel you’re missing out on something if you don’t choose a starting crime with a massive benefit. Some may have more direct uses than others, but you’ll want to ensure you don’t get hung up on this decision.