All Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Card locations

A must for trophy hunters.

The world of Cyberpunk 2077 is dense and diverse, and like most open-world games, there’s a lot of collectibles to find. The 20 Tarot Cards scattered across Night City are one such item. They take the form of glitching-out murals on various walls across the city, and they will be shown on your map with a blue rectangle that looks like a card.

This collect-a-thon adventure linked to a side job called “Fool On The Hill” that’s finished after you have collected every single one of these cards and talked to Misty. This job also unlocks a rare achievement/trophy called “Wandering Fool.”

Every Tarot Card mural location in Cyberpunk 2077

Tarot Card 1 (The Fool)

You can find this right outside V’s Apartment in Little China.

Tarot Card 2 (The Magician)

This one can be found outside the front of Lizzie’s Bar in Watson Kabuki.

Tarot Card 3 (The High Priestess)

This is on the fourth floor of an apartment in Vista Del Rey, Heywood. You may recognize this place from the mission “Search & Destroy.”

Tarot Card 4 (The Empress)

This one is at the bottom of the stairs, right next to the Afterlife Bar in Little China, Watson.

Tarot 5 (The Emperor)

You can find this one outside the gates of Konpeki Plaza in the Arasaka Waterfront, Watson.

Tarot 6 (The Heirophant)

It’s right next to the start of the main mission where you meet Takumara in Japan Town.

Tarot 7 (The Lovers)

You can find this behind the billboard in Silver Pixel Cloud, Westbrook. Enter code 0000 to gain entry into the area.

Tarot 8 (The Chariot)

You can find this one next to Tom’s Diner in Little China, Watson.

Tarot 9 (Strength)

This is in the compound where you first meet Panam in Rancho Coranado, Santa Domingo.

Tarot 10 (The Hermit)

You can find this on the Voodoo Boy’s chapel in Coastview, Pacificia.

Tarot 11 (Wheel of Fortune)

This can be a bit difficult to find as it’s outside of Night City. In the Badlands, find a Sunset Motel. The tarot mural is on the wall between apartment 103 and apartment 104.

Tarot 12 (Justice)

You can find this on a tank, inside the compound of a power plant in Arroyo, Santo Domingo.

Tarot 13 (The Hanged Man)

You can find this in the Norther Oilfields, which is in North of Watson district. The mural is on the top of a silo.

Tarot 14 (Death)

This can be found at The Glen in Heywood district. It’s sitting on the side of a building called Tall Embers.

Tarot 15 (Temperance)

This can be found on one of the walls along the Columbarium in North Oak, Westbrook district.


Tarot 16 (The World)

In Little China, Watson, around Misty’s location, take an elevator to the rooftop to find this mural.

Tarot 17 (The Tower)

You can find this around the construction site of Corpo Plaza, City Center.

Tarot 18 (The Star)

This can be tricky to find if you haven’t explored the outskirts of Night City. You’ll find this mural at a radio tower, around the Solar panel farm.

Tarot 19 (The Moon)

You’ll find this on a wall, left of the Hanako Arasaka’s house in North Oak, Westbrook.

Tarot 20 (The Sun)

You can find this on the underpass in Little China, Watson.