All Drumbeat Island Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark

Adventure to your own drumbeat.

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The world of Lost Ark is filled with quests to complete and items to collect. Most of these are fairly simple to find, but some of them will have certain restrictions before you can take part. Some, like the Abyss Dungeons, require players to complete specific questlines or to have a high enough Item Level before they can enter.

Drumbeat Island is a bit more difficult to access. As one of the Adventure Islands in Lost Ark, this island is only available during certain times of the week. After you’ve spent so much time and effort getting to Drumbeat Island, you probably won’t want to leave until you’ve found everything possible. If you’ve been looking for the Mokoko Seeds on Drumbeat Island, here is everything you need to know about them.

All Drumbeat Island Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark

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To even get to Drumbeat Island, you need to have reached level 50, with an Item Level of at least 250. You then need to set sail off the eastern coast of North Vern to where Drumbeat Island will spawn. This is just to the southeast of Shadow Island, but being at the right place isn’t enough. You need to be there at the right time as well. This changes frequently, so keep an eye on the Alerts page of your journal to make sure you don’t miss it.

Once you finally make it to Drumbeat Island, you’ll want to complete as much of it as possible before leaving. However, don’t bother looking for the Mokoko Seeds on the island, because there aren’t any. Due to the temporary nature of the island, there are no Mokoko Seeds on Drumbeat Island. Feel free to grab the island token and get the other rewards available while you’re there, though.