All new Exotic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 and where to find them

A whole new type of weapon.


Image via Epic

Exotic weapons are a new addition to Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 5. Rather than being down to RNG, these can be obtained from certain characters that you can now find on the map. You can buy the new weapons from them for Gold, and each one will cost 1225 Gold Bars.

The weapons are not as good as Mythics, but they also don’t come with the high risk of dying to a boss to get them.

Boom’s Sniper Rifle

You can get Boom’s Sniper Rifle from Splode at the Unremarkable Shack to the northeast of Stealthy Stronghold. The Sniper Rifle doesn’t do tremendous damage on impact, at just 10 to the body and 20 to the head, but it will stick an exploding piece of dynamite to your target that will go off after a couple of seconds, doing 60 damage.

Shadow Tracker Pistol

The Shadow Track Pistol can be obtained from Reese who can be found in Dirty Docks. It is a completely silent pistol that will do 29 damage per shot to the body, and 59 damage to the head.

Storm Scout Sniper Rifle

The Storm Scout Sniper Rifle can be obtained fromm Lexa at Hunter’s Haven. It will do 85 damage to the body, and 212 damage to the head, oneshotting someone through full health and shields.

The Dub Shotgun

You can purchase this from Dummy, who can be found to the north of Pleasant Park, or in Compact Cars. It will do 120 damage to the body, and 150 damage to the head, and will also knock you back when you fire it.

Night Hawk Revolver

The Nighthawk Revolver can be obtained from Mancake at the Butter Barn on the edge of the desert. It will do 44 damage to the body, and 88 damage to the head, with a thermal scope.

Hop Rock Dualies

The Hop Rock Dualies can be obtained from Cole by visiting him at either of his two possible spawns. One is on the small hill with the campsite to the north of Retail Row, while the other is at Shipwreck Cove. They are slow firing, and hard to hit with, but they do pack a punch.

The Big Chill

You can get the Big Chill by visiting Snowmando. He can be found in the snowy hills to the south of Catty Corner, patrolling the area near the icecream van. The Big Chill is low damage, but it interferes with player movement by freezing their feet in blocks of ice.

Dragon’s Breath Sniper Rifle

You can get this Exotic from Blaze who can be found at Timber Tent or the Pirstine Point. This can set fire to player structures, so if a good way to burn people out of their positions in a firefight.

Burst Quad Launcher

The Burst Quad Launcher will fire four rockets, making it a lot of fun to use. You can only get this weapon from Fishstick at Coral Castle, where he can be found near the main central structure or Craggy Cliffs. He can be found in his restaurant at Craggy Cliffs, but the location that he spawns at will be random in each game. If you head to one spot and he isn’t there, he will be at the other location. It will cost you 600 Gold Bars.

Exotic Chug Cannon

The Exotic Chug Cannon can be purchased from Remedy. Once again, she has two potential spawn locations. She can spawn at Hilltop House, to the northeast of Pleasant Park, or she can spawn in Craggy Cliffs, in a small building on the south of town. This will cost 600 Gold Bars and can give you shields if you shoot it at your feet, or will give allies shields if you shoot them with it.