All hall pass locations in School 2 for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

Did you forget your hall pass?

One of the school’s park goals in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 has you scouring the course to find five hall passes. These collectibles are floating all over the level, and you have the acquire them before the two-minute timer runs out. We have their locations listed out for you to make grabbing them in a single try that much easier.

All hall pass locations in School 2

You can find the first hall pass pretty fast when you start the level. You should see it to your right, floating above the grind rail that takes you down a flight of stairs. All you have to do is grind the rail to grab it.

You can find the next hall pass once you reach the bottom of the grind rail, after grabbing the first one. Land at the bottom, and look to your left. The hall pass should be floating next to the lunch tables you can grind on and jump across to earn some big combos.

The next hall pass right behind the second one. You can see it floating in front of the Matt Helsom Memorial Gymnasium, in the middle of the course. It’s a decent distance in the air, so try grinding on the rail up to it, and jump off the rail to collect it.

The fourth hall pass is around the corner of the Gymnasium. After you collect the previous one, keep going forward, and then take a left. You should see it floating above a grind rail. If you have enough air, you can jump and grind on the rail to reach it. However, you can also ride up the ramp and jump to grab it.

The final hall pass is right next to the fourth one. After you grab it, turn around from the ramp of the fourth hall pass, and you should see the last one floating in the middle of a loading dock next to the Shop Class building. Head up the inverted ramp to collect it and finish the park goal.