All hotkeys in Age of Empires IV

Prepare to coordinate your empire.

Image via Relic Entertainment

Learning the hotkeys in Age of Empires IV can make it much easier to coordinate your army and keep track of your empire. These are extremely helpful at any part of the game, especially when you’re battling on one side of the map and maneuvering troops elsewhere. In this guide, we cover all hotkeys you can use in Age of Empires IV.

All Age of Empires IV hotkeys

These are all of the standard hotkeys you’ll be using in Age of Empires IV. We recommend jumping into an AI game to have access to all of them in your options menu and modifying them there before jumping into a multiplayer match.


These are all of the hotkeys you can use for your camera.

HotkeySecondary hotkeyDescription
ALT and move mouseCaps LockRotate camera (hold the key)
[Num 6Rotate Camera 45 degrees counter-clockwise
]Num 4Rotate Camera 45 degrees clockwise
BackspaceNum 0First click resets camera, second click resets Zoom
F5NoneFocus on the selected unit
HomeNoneFollow the selected unit
<ALT+APan Camera Left
>ALT+DPan Camera Right
/\ (up arrow key)ALT+WPan Camera Up
\/ (down arrow key)ALT+SPan Camera Down


These are all of the hotkeys you can use for communication.

HotkeySecondary HotkeyDescription
Shift+Enter\Global Chat
Enter/Team Chat
Enter with chat openNoneSend chat message
Tab with chat openNoneSwap between Global and Team chat
Page upShift+>Scroll chat messages (up)
Page downShift+<Scroll chat messages (down)
F6Ctrl+FToggle players and tribute panel
SpacebarNum EnterFocus on last event – focus on last notification
Control+E followed by left clickCtrl+PNotify ping
Control+R followed by left clickNoneAttack ping
Control+T followed by left clickCtrl+DDefend ping


These are all of the control hotkeys.

HotkeySecondary HotkeyDescription
Control+ACtrl+KSelect all units on screen
Control+Shift+ACtrl+Shift+KSelect all units
Y with a unit selectedCtrl+YAccess secondary UI Panel

Default keys

These are all of the default keys you’ll be using while playing Age of Empires 4.

HotkeySecondary HotkeyDescription
Left-click a unitNoneSelect the unit
Double left-click a unitControl + Left click unitSelect all visible units of that same type
Shift + Left click unitNoneAdd or remove the unit from selection
Left-click groundNoneConfirm building or ability placement
Left-click ground + drag mouseNoneBandbox select group of units
Shift and Left-click groundNoneQueue building or ability placement
Right-click ground, or have units selectedNoneIssue contextual order to unit
Right-click ground + drag mouse with unitsNoneIssue facing move order
ESCNoneCancel or deselect units; game menu


These are all of the hotkeys you can do while playing in the middle of an Age of Empires 4 game.

HotkeySecondary HotkeyDescription
F10NoneGame Menu
F11Ctrl+TGame Time display


These are the hotkeys you can use while playing a single-player game in Ages of Empires 4.

HotkeySecondary HotkeyDescription
ESC`Pause Game
Pause NonePause simulation
F8Ctrl+QQuick Save
F9Ctrl+LQuick Load

Unit Management

These are all of the hotkeys you can use while managing your units.

HotkeySecondary HotkeyDescription
TabRight arrowCycle through selected units
Control+TabLeft arrowCycle through selected units (backward)
0 to 9Num (x1)Select control group X; 1x selects group, 2x selects
and centers on a group
Control + 0 to 9Num X (x1)Set control group to select units
Shift + 0 to 9NoneShift: Add selected units to a group
F1MSelect all Military Production buildings
F2KSelect all Economy Buildings
F3OSelect all Research Buildings
F4PSelect all Capital Town Centers, Landmarks, and Wonders
F5JFocus on Selected Unit
HLCycle through Town Centers
Control+HCtrl+LFocus on Capital Town Center
‘ (Apostrophe)]Cycle through Individual Monk units
/[Cycle through individual Scout units
. (Period)NCycle through Idle economy units
Control + . (Period)Ctrl+ Up arrowSelect all Idle Villagers
Control+Shift+VUp ArrowSelect all Villages
Control+Shift+RPage UpReturn all Villagers to work
, (Comma)Down ArrowCycle through idle Military units
Control + , (Comma)Ctrl+Down arrowSelect all idle Military Units
Control+Shift+CCtrl+MSelect all Military units
Control+FCtrl+VCycle through Villagers gathering Food
Control+WCtrl+BCycle through Villagers gathering Wood
Control+GCtrl+JCycle through Villagers gathering Gold
Control+SCtrl+KCycle through Villagers gathering Stone
Shift and (unit production key) or click buttonNoneQueue production of five units of that type
Delete (hold) with the selected unitCtrl+ =Delete unit or building
InsertCtrl+ –Toggle team-based or unique player colors