All items in Vampire Survivors and what they do

Which items will you pick?

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In Vampire Survivors, you need to create the best build to survive. There are many items, weapons, and passives in the game that can help make your run easier.


Some weapons ignore certain status upgrades. For example, the whip will not be affected by speed or duration upgrades. So, you’ll want to keep this in mind when picking between passives to give your character.

  • Axe: Deals high damage, has high Area scaling. Ignores duration.
  • Bloody Tear: Evolved Whip. It can deal critical damage and absorb HP. It requires the Hollow Heart to evolve.
  • Bone: A weapon that only Mortaccia can use, this is a projectile that can bounce off of enemies and walls.
  • Clock Lancet: Freezes enemies. Ignores power, speed, amount, and area upgrades. The Clock Lancet is unlocked after finding an Orologion during a run.
  • Cross: Unlocked after picking up the Rosary for the first time, this weapon will be aimed at the nearest enemy. It has a boomerang effect, so it’ll damage anything on it hits on its way back to you. Ignores duration upgrades.
  • Death Spiral: The evolved version of the Axe. It’ll pass through enemies. It requires the Candelabra in order to evolve.
  • Ebony Wings: Bombards in a circling zone. Ebony Wings works great with cooldown and duration upgrades.
  • Fire Wand: Shoots fire at a random enemy dealing heavy damage. Ignores duration. The Fire Wand is unlocked after destroying 20 light sources.
  • Garlic: Damages nearby enemies and reduces their resistance to knockback and freeze. Ignores amount, duration, and speed upgrades. This weapon is unlocked after picking up five floor chickens.
  • Heaven Sword: The evolved form of the Cross, the Heaven Sword deals critical damage. It requires the Clover to evolve.
  • Hellfire: The evolved form of the Fire Wand, this weapon’s fire attacks will pass through enemies. It requires the Spinach to evolve.
  • Laurel: Shields from damage when active.
  • King Bible: Orbits around the player. You’ll want to increase its speed, duration, and area to get the most out of this weapon.
  • Knife: Fires quickly in the direction you’re facing. Ignores duration upgrades.
  • Lightning Ring: Strikes at random enemies with lightning. Unlocked after defeating 5,000 enemies.
  • Magic Wand: Fires at the closest enemy. Ignores duration.
  • Peachone: Just like Ebony Wings, this bird also attacks in a circling zone. Having Peachone and Ebony on your character is an excellent combo. Works well with cooldown and duration upgrades.
  • Pentagram: Kills all enemies on the screen
  • Runetracer: Pierces through enemies and bounces around. This weapon works best with speed and duration upgrades.
  • Santa Water: Creates a circle of fire, damaging any enemies that walk through it. Ignores speed upgrades.
  • Soul Eater: The evolved form of Garlic. It steals hearts, and your power is increased when recovering HP.
  • Thousand Edge: The evolved form of the knife. The Thousand Edge will continuously fire a barrage of knives. It requires the Bracer to evolve.
  • Unholy Vespers: The evolved version of the King Bible. It will continuously orbit around you. It requires the Clover to evolve.
  • Whip: Attacks horizontally and is able to pass through enemies, allowing for the attack to multiple creatures. It ignores any speed or duration upgrades.
  • Vandalier: The evolved form of Ebony Wings and Peachone. This requires both birds to be in your build in order to be evolved.


These are items that you can pick up during your run that will increase your or your weapons’ stats.

  • Armor: Reduces any damage you take by 1.
  • Attractorb: Gain the ability to pick up items like experience gems and coins from further away. Unlocked after picking up a Vacuum.
  • Bracer: Increases projectile speed by 10%.
  • Clover: Increases your character’s luck by 10%. Unlocked after picking up a Little Clover.
  • Crown: Gain 7% more experience.
  • Duplicator: Weapons fire more projectiles. Unlocked after upgrading the Magic Wand to level seven during a run.
  • Empty Tome: Reduces your weapons’ cooldown by 8%. Is unlocked after a run where your character held six different weapons at once.
  • Hollow Heart: Increases max HP by 10%.
  • Pummarola: Your character recovers 0.1 HP per second.
  • Stone Mask: Earn 10% more coins. Is unlocked after picking it up in the Inlaid Library for the first time.
  • Spellbinder: Increases duration of weapon effects by 10%. The Spellbinder is unlocked after upgrading the Runetracer to level seven.
  • Spinach: Raises damage by 10%.
  • Wings: Increase your character’s movement speed by 10%.


  • Coin Bag: Gives you 10 coins
  • Little Clover: Increases your luck by 10%
  • NFT: Also known as the Nduja Fritta Troppo, this will emit a cone of flames for a brief period of time.
  • Orologion: Freezes all enemies for 10 seconds.
  • Rich Coin Bag: Gives the player 100 coins
  • Vacuum: Gathers all experience gems left on the ground.