All Jubilife Village buildings in Pokémon Legends: Arceus – Locations and what they do

The game’s main hub provides additional moves, character customization, and a bevy of valuable items for sale.

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From the start of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, it is apparent that Jubilife Village will act as the main hub, of sorts, as trainers will be able to utilize several of the game’s features here. Just from glancing at the map, it can be daunting to see all of the building icons and you might not immediately know what each of them represents. From storing your unused Pokémon to buying clothing and goods, here is everything Jubilife can do for you.


At the Clothier, players will be able to buy and change their clothes here. There are dozens of pieces to buy here, including caps, kimonos, trousers, gis, sandals, and glasses. Prices typically range from 800 to 2,000 Poké Dollars, but store owner Anthe will gift some items for free on occasion.


The Craftworks gives players the extra boost they need to craft items in the game. Store owner Anvin allows trainers to either buy crafting materials like Apricorns and Tumblestones or even purchase crafting recipes outright. While materials usually cost you less than 200 Poké Dollars, recipes are much more expensive, usually up for sale around 1,500 dollars.


To the left of the Training Ground, you will spot two farmers growing crops and that is exactly what they’ll help you do for 500 Poké Dollars. It is an excellent deal, as this feature can earn you swaths of Medicinal Leeks and Apricorns after a short period of time.

Galaxy Hall

There isn’t much that Galaxy Hall offers, in terms of helping you in battle, but it does aid in progressing the story. This is where several cutscenes take place, as Commander Kamado and Captain Cyllene of the Galaxy Expedition Team will call you here to reward you with research stars and other bonus goods for your efforts out in the field.

General Store

The General Store is Legends’ version of a PokéMart, where more basic items can be purchased. As you progress, the game will offer dozens of healing items, balls, and foods for a few hundred dollars. However, you’re more than welcome to buy from there at the start of the game, as it will hold standard Poké Balls and potions.


Like in Sword and Shield, players will be able to change their hairstyle through the hairdresser. No matter the gender, the location offers a handful of styles for 500 dollars, including short, long, and braided styles. The hairdresser can even dye your character’s hair, offering up colors such as chestnut, slate, gold, black, and white.


On the far side of the map, you can meet Marie, a Pokémon caretaker that works almost like a PC. Thus, she will hold any Pokémon that may have not been able to fit in your party. In total, she offers eight different pastures (or” boxes,” as known in past games), each capable of holding up to 30 Pokémon.

Photography Studio

Near the town’s exit, players can spot a photography studio that allows you to customize and screenshot images of you and your Pokémon. This feature lets players change the background of photos and even lens filters, all at no cost.

The Wallflower

The Wallflower is known as the town’s main eatery. From the start of the game, you won’t be able to interact with the barkeep, yourself. Though, it is typically the place where Akari, Rei, and Professor Laventon meet before missions that are set in Jubilife Village.

Trading Post

Possibly the most important building, the Trading Post offers the ability to trade with others online (provided that you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership) and it allows you to spend Merit Points on valuable items. This includes evolution stones, Poké balls, Rare Candy, and the significant Linking Cable.

Training Ground

At the front of the Training Ground, you’ll meet Zisu, a Pokémon move expert who will both sell moves for your Pokémon and give them Agile and Strong style moves. However, buyable moves may cost you thousands of dollars (depending on the Pokémon’s level), as learning Agile and Strong style moves require a Seed of Mastery.

Your Quarters

You can also find your own home in Jubilife Village. This is where you can change your clothes near the mirror, rest to awake at certain times of the day, and even cook foods in its pot. In addition, a storage crate will be near the entrance, allowing you to place any items inside of it to avoid losing them in the wild.

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