All life preserver locations in Streets in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

Catch some waves.

Image via Vicarious Visions

You need to find five lire preservers in the Streets course in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2. These are scattered throughout the level. You need to acquire them all in a single run to complete the challenge. It can be challenging to keep track of them, so we have them all documented and the best way to get to them.

All life preserver locations in Streets

You can find the first life preserver pretty quickly at the start of the level. If you look to the left, you can see it floating on the side of a wall. All you have to do is back up to the hill, but don’t go over it. Once you’re at the edge, ride up the wall and jump up to grab it. You don’t need to fill up your special bar to reach it.

The next one is down the hill, in the courtyard to your left. You should see it floating near the back, on the side of the building. It’s in a similar location to the first one, right above a ramp. You can do the same thing here and ride up the ramp, jump, and catch it.

The third life preserver is a bit trickier to acquire. You can find it in front of the large building with the “San Francisco” sign above it, floating out front. It’s in the middle of a pair of ramps. There are two ways to acquire it. The first is to increase your special meter, and with it activated, try to jump between the two ramps and catch the life preserver in the middle of the jump. The second way, and likely harder method, is to wall slide on any side of the life preserver, and when you’re close enough, do a jump to gain enough momentum to get it.

The fourth life preserver is in the middle of the square, at the center. You won’t have to do anything too creative to reach it. All you need to do is perform a few jumps the reach the top, and the collectible is yours.

The final life preserver is cleverly hidden. You can find it at the corner of the map, right next to the bank. The quickest way to reach is to reach the bottom of the hill when you start the course. Instead of going to the left to go after the second life preserver, go to the right, and then take another right at the end of the street. The life preserver will be floating behind the laundromat sign.