All Lost Marble locations in Tangledrift in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Don’t let the evil vines get the better of you.


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In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, each major location has a few Lost Marbles scattered around it. These are one of the many collectibles you can pick up around the world to count towards 100% completion. In this guide, we outline where each of the Lost Marbles in Tangledrift are so that you can add them to your collection.

Lost Marble 1

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The first Lost Marble is only accessible via a portal that you’ll likely miss. You can find it early on in Tangledrift. The Lost Marble is located at the top of a tower, whereas the portal you need to use to access it is further back along your path. See below for a map reference for the portal.

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Jump into this portal, and you’ll be transported to the tower. You can then smash the Lost Marble and move on with your time in Tangledrift.

Lost Marble 2

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The second Lost Marble is much deeper into Tangledrift. You need to follow the main quest for the area and a few side quests to access it. This one is on a floating island off to the left of the main path, but a gust of wind blows between the main body of land and can throw you into the abyss. Wait for the wind to break briefly before jumping over. See below for a map reference for both Lost Marbles. You can see Lost Marble 2 at the top of the map.

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Once you have this Lost Marble, wait for the wind again before jumping back across. With this one in hand, you will have all the Lost Marbles in the location.