All Mario items coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Add the mushroom kingdom to your Animal Crossing island.

Image via Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can celebrate Super Mario’s 35th anniversary with the new Mario-themed items. You’ll be able to pick up these items from the Nook Stop inside the community center. The items on the list allow you to alter your character’s outfit and give you access to various DIY items that you place around on your island. The free update arrives on February 25. However, the items listed below will be available on March 1, a few days after the free update releases.

The items also function like they would in Super Mario. If you place a warp pipe down, you can place another elsewhere on your island to pop up through. It’s a good way to travel from one side of your island to the other without having to run around where.

All Mario 35th Anniversary items

These are all of the items that we were able to catch during the Nintendo Direct. We’ll be updating these items when they arrive in March.

ItemsBell Price
DIY: 1-Up Mushroom2,000
DIY: Block1,000
DIY: Coin350
DIY: Fire Flower1,500
DIY: Floating Block1,000
DIY: Goal Pole3,500
DIY: Large Mushroom Platform3,000
DIY: Pipe5,000
DIY: Shell700
DIY: Small Mushroom Platform1,000
DIY: Super Mushroom1,350
DIY: Super Star2,000
DIY: Thwomp3,000
DIY: ? Block1,350
Luigi Hat1,500
Mario Hat1,500
Princess Peach crown12,000
Wario hat1,500
Luigi ‘stache1,200
Mario ‘stache1,200
Wario ‘stache1,200
Luigi Outfit2,400
Mario outfit2,400
Princess Peach dress6,000
Wario outfit2,400
Luigi shoes1,400
Mario shoes1,400
Princess Peach shoes2,400
Wario shoes1,400
Mushroom mural3,000
Block flooring3,000
Lakuit’s Cloud rug1,500
Yoshi’s Egg rug1,500