All Neurotoxin levels and effects in Rainbow Six Extraction Nightmare Fog explained

Keep an eye on your level of you’ll be in for a shock.


Image via Ubisoft

The Nightmare Fog live event brings an entirely new dynamic to every mission in Rainbow Six Extraction. Not only do you need to work your way slowly through each map, carefully taking out the Archaeans you encounter as you complete your primary objective, but you’ve now also got to avoid the purple mist that chokes many corridors. This mist is the Nightmare Fog, and it causes your Neurotoxin level to increase. This guide explains every Neurotoxin level and what you’ll experience while you’re in the strange mist.

Neurotoxin level 1

The first Neurotoxin level doesn’t kick in until the bar in your HUD is filled up by 30%. When it reaches this point, you’ll start to hallucinate. Your hallucinations will be of Archaeans everywhere on the map. Some will rush you. Some will stand and wait for you to shoot. None of them can die, instead fading into purple gas when shot. Some will even hang out in the corners of your vision, disappearing just as you notice them.

Neurotoxin level 2

The second level of Neurotoxin effects will begin at 65%. When you’re at this level, the hallucinations don’t stop, only getting worse. Now though, you can barely see, and your vision will continue to deteriorate, becoming blue and black the higher your Neurotoxin level climbs.

Neurotoxin level 3

The final Neurotoxin level will only be active while you’re 100% on your meter. When you’ve been in the Nightmare Fog this long, it starts to hurt you, damaging you for three points of health every second. The only way to stop it is to take a Neurostim and drop to the second level. You’ll also be suffering from the other symptoms you can experience in the previous two levels, meaning that you can die pretty quickly if you don’t do something about it.

You can decrease your Neurotoxin level by taking a Neurostim, a consumable you can pick up in safe zones and airlocks. However, you can avoid pushing your Neurotoxin level up in the first place by avoiding the Nightmare Fog and taking a breather. Extraction zones, safe zones, and airlocks are all free of the terrible mist, so you can meet up with your squad in one and chill out while you regroup and prepare to take on your objective or escape. Your Neurotoxin level doesn’t increase in these zones, so use them when you can.