All playable characters in Evil Dead: The Game – All Survivors and Demons

Pick your friends wisely.

Image via Saber Interactive

There are several characters for you to select while playing Evil Dead: The Game. Your character choices will vary on the side you’re playing, with a collection of Survivors and Demons for you to choose. The characters have various roles, making them better at different things to enhance your preferred gameplay style. In this guide, we will cover all playable characters in Evil Dead: The Game.

All Survivors and Demons

If you are playing on a team of one to four people, you will be on the Survivor’s side, and it is your job to defeat the demon and the horde of Deadites. For those playing as a Demon, you’ll be attempting to stop the Survivors from banishing you.

All Survivors

There are 13 Survivors for you to choose from before you jump into an Evil Dead: The Game match. The characters are divided into unique classes, making them a standout choice when considering your team composition before jumping into a game.

  • Amanda Fisher – Hunter
  • Annie Knowby – Leader
  • Ash Wiliams (Ash vs. Evil Dead) – Leader
  • Ash Williams (Army of Darkness) – Warrior
  • Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2) – Hunter
  • Ash Williams (The Evil Dead) – Support
  • Cheryl Williams – Support
  • Ed Getly – Hunter
  • Henry the Red – Warrior
  • Kelly Maxwell – Hunter
  • Lord Arthur – Leader
  • Pablo Simon Bolivar – Support
  • Scotty – Warrior

Of these 13, nine are available when you start the game. You will need to unlock Ash Williams (Ash vs. Evil Dead), Amanda Fisher, Pablo Simon Bolivar, and Lord Arthur.

All Demons

There are several demons you can choose to be when fighting against the Survivors. Like the Survivors, each demon has a unique class with a diverse set of abilities and skills.

  • Deadite – Warlord
  • Deadite Berserker – Puppeteer
  • Deadite Elite – Warlord
  • Demi-Eligos – Puppeteer
  • Eligos – Puppeteer
  • Evil Ash – Necromancer
  • Henrietta – Warlord
  • Skeleton – Necromancer
  • Skeleton Elite – Necromancer

You do not have to unlock any of the Demons in Evil Dead: The Game. All of them will be available to you when you start the game. How you use them is up to you, and your preferred choice will vary on your playstyle on how you choose to approach taking down the Survivors.