All Rune Locations in Tangledrift in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Rune Switch guide

This one is meant to be impossible.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Each major area in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has a Rune Switch for you to discover and complete. However, the one in Tangledrift is tricky because one of the Runes you need to collect is hidden from view. This guide explains how to complete the Rune Switch in Tangledrift so you aren’t stuck on it forever.

Follow the green lights

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Once you’ve activated the Rune Switch, you’ll see the three Runes appear across the landscape in front of you. The first is ahead and to your left, up on a ledge overlooking some animals as they endlessly fall through portals.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The second Rune is behind you once you’ve grabbed that first Rune. It’s on an even higher ledge, slightly to the left. You might miss it because it’s in amongst a beanstalk, but if you look closely for the green light and you’ll spot it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The third and final Rune appears to be in a well near the Rune Switch. However, when you approach this well, you’ll discover that you can’t get to the Rune. You can’t even use a crank to pull it up. This Rune is below the well and can only be accessed by dropping down to the area below it, where you’ll find a cave, a portal, and the final Rune.