All skills in Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem

Sam could always use more S.A.M.

Image via Croteam

In addition to handy gadgets and huge guns, Sam can improve his odds of survival by allocating skill points found throughout the game to his “Sirian Artefacts of Might” (or S.A.M.) Some skill points are laying out in the open, easily found by following the main path; some are found by completing side objectives, and the rest are found by locating secret areas. These skill points can be spent to unlock truly impressive benefits, so here’s a list of all the skills in Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem.

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Looter Shooter – Enemies killed will occasionally drop items. This will usually end up being a few rounds of ammo or a Health or Armor shard. This skill is a good first purchase.
  • Healing Punch – Melee attacks heal you. This isn’t useful on its own unless you are playing on Hard or Serious difficulty.
  • Dual Wield – Dual wield pistols and single handed weapons. Very useful in the early game for dual wielding Pistols but is primarily a stepping stone to the better perks.
  • Unflinching – Gain 50% resistance to splash damage. This skill is extremely useful if you tend to detonate grenades or rockets too close to yourself accidentally.
  • The Quick and the Dead – Weapons reload faster. A must buy, as it’s easy to get swarmed while you’re trying to reload your weapons.
  • Long Distance Relationship – Increases the distance at which you can initiate a melee attack. If you are using melee attacks often, this is very useful to close the gap.
  • Objection Your Honor – Use objects as melee weapons. Objects can be swung (primary) or thrown (secondary). This skill can be extremely useful combined with the other melee skills, but primarily you will be using ranged weapons to deal with threats, so this isn’t a must buy.
  • Berserker – Deal more damage when low on health. Not a bad purchase, but only if you’re playing on difficulties where health management is an issue (Hard and Serious.)
  • Full Speed Ahead – Gain increased shooting speed after reloading. A must purchase — combined with The Quick and the Dead, this boosts your overall damage rate significantly.
  • Dual Wield Harder – Dual wield two-handed weapons. Another must purchase, this allows you to dual-wield AK74s and all Shotguns, doubling your damage output in the early to mid-game.
  • Born To Run – Fire and reload while sprinting. A must purchase, especially for harder difficulties, as you will often have to put a lot of distance between you and the hordes chasing you.
  • The Bigger They Are – Perform melee attacks on medium enemies. A good upgrade if you enjoy melee attacks, but not a high priority.
  • Rodeo Time – Ride enemies such as Werebulls and Khnum. While Werebulls tend to die fairly quickly, Khnum is tanky enough to make this perk worth purchasing.
  • Dual Wield With A Vengeance – Dual wield heavy weapons. This is the single most important perk in the entire game. Dual wielding miniguns, rayguns, or cannons not only max out your damage output, but it’s also just cool as hell. Who doesn’t want to mow down hundreds of enemies with twin miniguns blazing?
  • Mix It Up – Dual wield different types of weapons simultaneously. As necessary as Dual Wield With A Vengeance is, Mix It Up isn’t nearly as important. It can be useful if you’re good at multi-tasking, such as having a Cannon and a Crossbow equipped to deal with Kleer Skeletons and Snipers simultaneously, but weapon swapping isn’t a huge deal, so this trait isn’t an absolute purchase.
  • Footsure – Move at normal speed even while aiming. Alongside Born To Run, this skill is important for side-stepping and circle-strafing enemies, minimizing your damage taken on harder difficulties.
  • The Harder They Fall – Perform melee attacks on large enemies. Useful for dispatching problematic targets with too much health, but puts you squarely in the danger zone of being swarmed, as most large enemies have legions of small and medium enemies surrounding them.