All solo missions in Evil Dead: The Game

Make sure to arm yourself and prepare to fight the undead if you go it alone.

Image via Saber Interactive

Evil Dead: The Game pits a team of four survivors against an angry Demon, fighting it out against each other. The Survivors want the banish the Demon and send it back to hell, but the Demon would instead stick around and cause mayhem. Although these are multiplayer games, there are a handful of solo missions you can play on the side. You will have to do these yourself, and they unlock a handful of characters you can use as Survivors. In this guide, we cover all solo missions in Evil Dead: The Game.

All solo missions

There are only a handful of solo missions you have the option to play in Evil Dead: The Game. However, while only a few to do, we recommend playing through them to unlock the available characters you can add to your roster, enhancing your team choices.

These are all of the solo missions you can play.

  • If You Love Someone, Set Them Free … With a Chainsaw
  • Party Down!
  • Kill ’em All
  • It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go!
  • Homecoming King

These are the five solo missions you can play in Evil Dead: The Game. They do not have a difficulty level, which means some players may struggle with it more than others. Each of the missions becomes available as you complete the other one before it. However, after reaching Homecoming King, there is a Coming Soon section. The game’s development team, Saber Interactive, will likely add more to this section sometime in the future, expanding the missions available to everyone and hopefully adding to the Evil Dead roster or making more costumes available for your favorite heroes.

Evil Dead: The Game is not a single-player game despite having solo missions. You will need to have an active online connection to play the game. If you do not, you will be unable to enter the main menu to play anything.