All Survivor Skills and what they do in Evil Dead: The Game

The dead won’t survive against these skills.

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Evil Dead: The Game is the next game to tackle the growing asymmetrical multiplayer horror genre. Four players can play as several survivors from the Evil Dead universe and face off against an AI or human-controlled demon. Each survivor falls into one of four hero types and has many unique skills. This guide will break down all the survivor skills and what they do.


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Hunters are the best range class for the survivors. They carry more ammo and do more ranged damage than every other class in the game. Hunters have four unique heroes to play as.

Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2)

  • Ultimate Attack – Activating this ability instantly exorcises the demon from any possessed survivor.
  • Treasure Hunter – See crates through walls at close range
  • Weapon Master – The double barrel has increased damage compared to other characters.
  • I’m the Guy – Start the match with the double-barrel.

Ed Getley

  • Ultimate Attack – This ability grants a unique flashlight that detects and disarms demon traps.
  • The Collector – Increase drop chance from defeated enemies.
  • Weapon Master – Crossbow has increased stats compared to other characters.
  • Enduring Master – Increase the duration of the flashlight.

Kelly Maxwell

  • Ultimate Attack – When activated dodge wastes no stamina and ranged attacks cause bleeding damage.
  • Battle Frenzy – Melee damage increases the longer you are in combat.
  • Weapon Master – The meat hammer has increases stats.
  • Countershot – Next range shot after a dodge inflicts bleeding damage.

Amanda Fisher

  • Ultimate Attack – This ability grants unlimited ammunition for a limited time.
  • Accuracy Counts – Ranged damage does more damage on consecutive hits.
  • Trusty Sidearm – Start the match with a pistol.
  • Weapon Master – Pistol does increased damage and increased firing rate.

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Leaders are great support characters with a focus on auras that can buff the survivors. They are naturally resistant to fear.

Ash Williams (Ash vs Evil Dead)

  • Ultimate Attack – Skill that generates a massive explosion.
  • El Jefe – Aura that increases fear resistance and damage dealt to enemies.
  • Old Friend – Start the match with a chainsaw.
  • El Jefe Grande – Enhances all aura effects when you perform a finishing move.

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Annie Knowby

  • Ultimate Attack – This skill increases ranged damage from Annie and any nearby allies.
  • Howitzer – Aura that increases ranged damage.
  • Haymaker – Attacks by teammates deal increased enemy balance bar damage.
  • Slugger – Attacks in this aura deal increased balance bar damage to elite enemies.

Lord Arthur

  • Ultimate Attack – Increases all allied melee damage. Arthurs’s damage is increased if he is wielding a sword.
  • Weapon Master Heavy – Heavy attacks deal more damage.
  • Weapon Master Light – Light attacks deal more damage.
  • Finish with Fire – Finishers grant Lords Wraith ability to nearby teammates.


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Supports have the best abilities aimed at debuffing demons and enemy combatants.

Ash Williams (The Evil Dead)

  • Ultimate Attack – Reduces fear levels for all teammates.
  • Alternative Healing – Heavy attacks restore health per hit.
  • Marked Target – Headshots will mark a target and marked targets take more damage from teammates.
  • Marked Healing – Marked Targets will heal any survivor who deals damage to them.

Cheryl Williams

  • Ultimate Attack – Creates a healing zone for all allies.
  • Contact Healing – Self heals will heal all teammates in range.
  • Cola Coaster – Carry more cola and start with an extra cola in her inventory.
  • Contact Courage – Drinking a cola will reduce fear and fear of your teammates.

Pablo Simon Bolivar

  • Ultimate Attack – This skill creates an amulet and drops it on the ground when it completes.
  • Infernal Camouflage – Demons can’t detect Pablo with demon vision.
  • Shamanic Protection – Shield will gradually recover over time.
  • Legacy of El Brujo – Begin the match with an additional amulet.


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Warriors are the best damage dealers in the game. Use these survivors to do a great deal of damage to the demon horde.

Ash Williams (Army of Darkness)

  • Ultimate Attack – This ability will grant healing, fear reduction, increased damage and reduce all incoming damage.
  • Bloodsucker – Damage from the last hit of a combo restores health.
  • Shield Blast – Each time a shield is lost it causes an explosion.
  • Weapon Master – The chainsaw has increased stats.


  • Ultimate Attack – This special attack damages all surrounding enemies.
  • Collateral Damage – Heavy melee attacks inflict damage to nearby enemies.
  • Exposure Therapy – Each slain enemy reduces fear levels.
  • Weapon Master – The lumberjack axe has increased stats.

Henry the Red

  • Ultimate Attack – This ability makes Henry invincible.
  • Rebound – Reflects a portion of incoming damage to attackers.
  • Battle Hardened – Increase maximum health and shield length.
  • Shields Up – Start the match with an additional shield bar.