All Survivor classes in Evil Dead: The Game

Never forget to bring your friends along for the ride.

Image via Saber Interactive

There are multiple Survivors you can choose to play as in Evil Dead: The Game. Your choices go into different categories, making them better at certain things over the others. You want to have a good mix of Survivor classes on your team, depending on your playstyle and the choices already made on your team. In this guide, we will cover all Survivor classes in Evil Dead: The Game and how they work.

All Survivor classes

There are four categories of Survivors for you to pick from in Evil Dead: The Game.

  • Leader
  • Warrior
  • Hunter
  • Support


The Leader class is the one buffing your teammates and helping them throughout the game. They will give off different area-of-effect buffs to enhance anyone close to them. All Leader class characters also have the best resistance to fear.

Your Leader characters include Ash Williams (Ash versus Evil Dead), Annie Knowby, and Lord Arthur.


Your Warriors are some of your most aggressive fighters. These characters lean more towards Melee combat, ready to rush in and fight against the armies of darkness using anything they can swing at it. If you’re more comfortable going head-to-head against the Dead, choose a Warrior.

Your Warrior leaders include Ash Williams (Army of Darkness), Scotty, and Henry the Red.


The Hunters are ranged characters who prefer to keep their distance when battling the Dead. They can fight in melee range when things become tricky, but they’re content to hang back from the rest of their team and fire off multiple rounds using their precision skills.

Your Hunter characters include Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2), Ed Getly, Kelly Maxwell, and Amanda Fisher.


The last class you can choose to play is a Support character. The Support class will lean more towards assisting your teammates in removing adverse effects that happen to them while battling the dead. They can also heal teammates, making them vital to ensure everyone stays in the fight longer and providing shields so everyone on their team can take more hits before losing vital health.

Your Support characters include Ash Williams (The Evil Dead), Cheryl Williams, and Pablo Simon Bolivar.