Apex Legends version 1.86 Patch Notes – Rampage Nerfs and More

Get back to rampaging, just a little less.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Right on the heels of the beginning of the Dark Depths event in Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment has pushed out an update that brings back some previously exploited weapons and fixes a couple of other issues with the game. Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know from the 1.86 Apex Legends patch.

Rampage and Sentinel

Recently, there was an exploit found where players could infinitely charge the Rampage and the Sentinel. This made the weapons overpowered and led to Respawn temporarily disabling both guns. The exploit has been taken care of and both are now back in the game.

Additionally, the Rampage also got a small nerf. The damage per bullet shot has been decreased from 28 to 26. This means the LMG may need to put another shot or two into an enemy to take them down. Additionally, if you have a Thermite Grenade, you can use it to increase the Rampage’s rate of fire temporarily. The Thermite Grenade charge now runs through the gun quicker, so you will lose that buff faster.


For some reason, Bangalore’s MIL-SPEC skin was causing players’ games to crash when they equipped it. That issue has been fixed and you can equip it once again.