Are Rainbow Six Extraction Servers down? How to check server status

Figure out when you can battle the Archaeans again.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Extraction is an online-only game, meaning it requires an internet connection for you to play it. Even if you’re planning on taking on an Incursion solo, you need to be connected to the game’s servers, so there’s no way to play it offline. While your internet connection may be solid, the Rainbow Six Extraction servers can sometimes go down, leaving you unable to play. This guide explains if the servers are down and how to check the server status for yourself.

May 10 game update

Ubisoft has announced that on May 10 there will be a two-hour period of server maintenance for Rainbow Six Extraction. The update will start at 7 AM PT/10 AM ET/4 PM ET/3 PM BT. The official patch notes explain that this is a large update, bringing a new Protean Operator to the game’s roster alongside a plethora of other changes to all Operators and various quality of life tweaks to almost every system.

How to check if the Rainbow Six Extraction servers are down

There are two places to check to see if the Rainbow Six Extraction servers are down. The first is Ubisoft’s official support Twitter account. This account, @UbisoftSupport, posts about any server issues that Ubisoft is experiencing. You may also see a report of server issues on the official Rainbow Six Extraction Twitter account.

However, the game’s official server status page is the best place to see if the servers for Rainbow Six Extraction are down. This page lists servers for all platforms and what their current status is. If everything is fine, you should see a green notification next to your chosen platform on this page.