As the Crow Flies quest – Destiny 2 – All feather locations

Wind beneath his wings.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 had a surprise in store today, as we get a new Exotic quest. As the Crow Flies will send you on the hunt for some feathers. First, you will need to visit the Spider who is in the mood to get some air back under the Crow’s wings. He asks us to help him out.

While this is often not wise, there is a new Exotic weapon up for grabs, so we would be fools not to pitch in and help out. There are five feathers in total to find, spread across different locations.

The First Feather – Tangled Shore

You can find the first feather just outside the Spiders Lair, as it joins with the Tangled Shore.

The Second Feather – EDZ

You can find the second feather on the EDZ near the Sludge. When you spawn in, run straight ahead then jump up onto the raised area. Keep going pretty much straight and you will find a broken piece of building above you. Jump up there to get the feather.

The Third Feather – Cosmodrome

Spawn in at The Steppes then look to the right and up. Jump onto the concrete pillar and the feather is at the top.

The Fourth Feather – Dreaming City

Spawn in at the Divalian Mists and head straight for the entrance to the blind well. The feather will be at the entrance, on the left side.

The Fifth Feather – The Moon

This feather is all the way down in the Shrine of Oryx. Turn left when you spawn and hope your sparrow, making your way towards Archer’s Line. Before you arrive, take a right down towards the ornate door that leads beneath the surface to the Shrine. Follow the tunnels until you arrive, and you will find it near the strange structure in the main chamber. You can use the above video if you are unsure of the route to the Shrine of Oryx.

You can now visit the Crow on the Tangled Shore to start the next step of the quest and get your Hawkmoon.