Yuoni – 4 Beginner tips and tricks for survival

Who you gonna call?

Image via Chorus Worldwide Games

Surviving in Yuoni is tricky as so many supernatural beings are out to get you. The only way to get out of this nightmare is to burn the dolls you find and get rid of the curse placed on you. If you follow these tips and tricks, you have a better chance of keeping yourself alive.

Relax. Breathe.

Image via Chorus Worldwide Games

Much of Yuoni depends on managing your stamina meter and your breathing. As you progress through the game, you’ll realize that you have to hold your breath to get past the corrupted visages of children long ago. They can’t see very well, but their hearing is outstanding, so you need to hold your breath at critical moments. As you hold the R2 button (or RT with an Xbox controller), tap the L1 and R1 buttons (LB and RB) repeatedly to slow down the meter. As you walk down these haunted corridors, keep an eye on your stamina bar and look out for places to hide, like under a bed or in a locker.

You’re tall, I’m small

The secondary enemy you’ll find is tall ghostly beings that can see you rather than hear you. By crouching with the circle button (B), and sneaking your way through the room, you’ll be able to avoid its gaze. However, make sure you look at the ground, too, as glass shards are all over. While it won’t usually hear you, it can surge at you without warning if you step onto the glass. If it does spot you, run away with the L2 button (LT) as fast as you can out of the area. It isn’t likely to chase you, especially if you find a hiding spot in the next room.

Hey, four eyes

Yuoni can surprise you from many angles, so you may want to look behind you. Thankfully, you can by holding down the right stick. The game will zip the camera backward, so you can see what is either chasing you or is in your blind spot walking around. This may come in handy, especially if you’re being pursued.

Grab the keys to the locked doors

Screenshot by Gamepur

Be attentive and look at every surface. You will need to be on the lookout for keys on desks and tables hidden behind a slew of enemies. There will be many locked doors in your path, so make sure you grab the keys when you see them. Otherwise, you may need to backtrack.