The best animated Decals in Rocket League

Customize your car with these awesome Decals.

Image via Psyonix

Rocket League Decals have been around since the very beginning, but animated Black Market Decals now allow you to style your car like never before. Some Decals give you a simple animated hexagon design to your car, while others make it look like your car is on fire. This list features the best animated Decals in Rocket League and what makes them unique.


Originally released in late 2017, this Black Market rarity Decal goes for a modest price on the market. All you need are some Zomba wheels to pair up with this skin to create an aesthetically unique car.


Almagest is a cheaper alternative to the Interstellar Decal. This Decal has a star effect like Interstellar but has a white streak of light that moves in a wave-like motion on top of the car. Because this Decal is newer, you can pick it up for a fraction of Interstellar’s price.


Chameleon gives your car a camouflage effect, making it seem like your car is morphing colors. This Decal is the only Decal in the game that changes colors depending on where you are on the field. For example, if your wheels are on the grass, the car’s front will morph green.

Fire god

Fire God is a fan favorite and for a good reason. This Decal gives the illusion that your car is on fire, and because you can change your secondary color on this Decal, you can change your fire’s color to anything you want.

Heat Wave

Another fire-themed Decal, Heatwave, looks like Fire God but with sleeker flames. However, It’s one of the oldest animated decals in the game, so you will have to put down some serious money to get ahold of this item.


Interstellar is one of those skins that almost everyone has wanted to get their hands on at some point. Its beautiful design makes it appear like there’s an entire galaxy painted directly onto your car.


Magma is one of the simplest animated Decals. It features a bright neon design that moves around the car. Because more popular Decals often overshadow it, you can pick up Magma for cheap on the market.


This Decal paints an animated circuit board directly onto your car. The lines on the Decal light up to look like beams of energy pulsing through your car.


Smokescreen is like Fire God if the fire was replaced with smoke. The Titanium White and the Black colored Smokescreen Decal especially looks great on the Octane.

Stipple Gait

Stipple Gait is reminiscent of those default Windows Media Player videos that would accompany songs. Its design is bright neon and flails randomly. When moving, the line dissolves into smaller particles.