Best clubs to use in PGA Tour 2K21

Our picks for the best clubs in PGA Tour 2K21.

Image via EA Sports

In PGA Tour 2K21, mechanics play a pivotal role in whether you will succeed in the game. Making sure that you have fluid movements will go a long way to having success in 2K21. However, mechanics shouldn’t be your sole focus. Finding the right clubs can go a long way in helping you avoid the bunkers and the rough. But which clubs are the best ones for PGA Tour 2K21? Let’s go over our recommendations, starting with the drivers


In PGA Tour 2K21, you can have a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag. One of those clubs will be your driver, the stick that, for the most part, you will use at the beginning of each hole. Here are our recommendations for which drivers you should target:

Bridgestone Golf Tour B JGR (Silver)

This club, in our opinion, is the best option for beginners. While it does have lower-than-average Distance, the forgiveness on this club is among the best. That forgiveness will come in handy if you tend to slice. The JGR also has a decent Shot Shaping Attribute.

TaylorMade Sim Max (Silver)

If you feel that the JGR is a little too basic, try the TaylorMade Sim Max might be up your alley. The key when upgrading your driver is that you want to improve your Distance attribute, while at the same time, not losing too much in the Forgiveness category. The Sim Max offers you that, and you will also receive a boost in the Swing Plane and Distance Control attributes.

Ben Hogan ES53 (Silver)

Much like the Sim Max, the Ben Hogan ES53 offers a bit more distance than the JGR and slightly less forgiveness. It also provides just about the same power as the TaylorMade Sim Max, so choosing between the two will be a decision that you will have to make.

Keep in mind that there are different editions of each club that is listed above. The other editions of these clubs are of higher class, and thus, will have higher Distance attributes. However, each club’s Forgiveness category is also much lower, so keep this in mind when building your bag.


As far as wood clubs go, it’s probably best to go for accuracy instead of distance. Wood clubs will be your go-to for the tee on par-3 holes and on the fairway for longer par-5 plays. Here are our recommended wood clubs:

Bridgestone Tour B JGR (Silver)

Much like with the JGR driver mode, this club offers a decent amount of Distance to go along with a high amount of Forgiveness. For some holes, it’s probably best to be a bit shorter than longer, as long as the shot is accurate.

Ben Hogan GS53 (Silver)

We look at another Ben Hogan club model, as this time, we focus our attention on the GS53 wood model. This wood will give you a bit more Distance than the JGR, and doesn’t sacrifice that much Forgiveness. The JGR and the GS53 are excellent picks for newcomers to The Golf Club/PGA Tour franchise.

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero (Gold)

Our last wedge that we will take a look at is the Gold Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero. The Sub Zero offers a good amount of Distance and Forgiveness and a high amount of distance control. To unlock this club, you’ll need to be sponsored by Callaway in MyPlayer mode, which might take some time. However, the time will be well spent, since this club offers a lot to both new and experienced players.


When looking for an iron, there are two attributes you want to focus on, Distance and Distance Control. Since irons will be primarily used to get the ball on the green, the key is to get an iron that will have the ability to get your there but with accuracy. With that said, let’s go over our picks:

Ben Hogan PTx Pro (Gold)

The Ben Hogan PTx Pro has a solid amount of Distance and Forgiveness. However, the PTx’s best attribute might be its fantastic ability to control the distance. The PTx Pro can be a great option for newcomers, especially those who have trouble controlling their shots on the fairway or rough.

Wilson D7 (Gold)

The Wilson D7 is essentially the same kind of club as the PTx Pro. Both clubs have the same Distance, Forgiveness, and Distance Control attributes, so which one you decide to pick is up to you. However, keep in mind that both are sponsorship rewards, meaning that you will have to earn either a Ben Hogan or Wilson club to receive one of these two clubs.

Callaway Mavrik Max (Purple)

If you don’t want to grind in MyPlayer, perhaps the Callaway Mavrik Max will help you. The Mavrik Max has a better Distance attribute than the PTx Pro and D7 models. However, its weaknesses come in the Forgiveness and Distance Control attributes. The Mavrik Max’s Distance Control attribute is lower than both the PTx Pro and the D7, but if you’re all about hitting the ball as far as you can, it’s doesn’t get much better than with this Callaway model.


Now we move to the wedges, which will be the go-to club for you in bunkers and heavy rough that’s close to the green. Let’s go over our recommended wedges for PGA Tour 2K21:

Ben Hogan Equalizer (Purple)

For wedges, the focus will be less on Distance and more on Shot Shaping and Swing Plane. The Ben Hogan Equalizer will do you just fine when it comes to Shot Shaping, without sacrificing Distance, Forgiveness, and Distance Control. The Equalizer could be better with its Swing Plane, but it’s a fine club regardless of the fact.

Bridgestone Tour B XW-1 (Purple)

When it comes to Shot Shaping, you can’t do much better than the Bridgestone Tour B XW-1. The B XW-1 has a fully maxed out Shot Shaping attribute and a high Swing Plane attribute. If you’re looking for a good wedge that will help you with Shot Shaping and Swing Plane, we recommend going with this club over the Equalizer. Or, you could go with our third choice: the Wilson Staff Model.

Wilson Staff Model (Purple)

The Wilson Staff Model has essentially the same attributes that the Bridgestone Tour B XW-1 does. Both have the same Shot Shaping and Swing Plane attributes, putting right on par (pun intended) with the XW-1. And considering that both clubs have the same cost (500 coins), which one you choose will be up to you.


Considering that there are different club attributes for drivers, woods, irons, and wedges, and you would probably assume that each putter is also unique. In this regard, you would be wrong. While there are several different putter models in PGA Tour 2K21, none of them have actual attributes. Because of this, no putter has an advantage over the other.

You can upgrade the default putter currently in your bag at any time, but that should be the absolute last thing you should focus on. Rather, your mind should be on what other clubs you plan on choosing.