Best Nature for Buneary and Lopunny in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Lopunny isn’t very funny.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Buneary and Lopunny are early-game Normal type Pokémon, located in the Obsidian Fieldlands near The Heartwood. These Pokémon may look cute, but don’t let their looks fool you — high Speed and decent Attack allow this Pokémon to bounce right through enemies. Here is the best Nature for Buneary and Lopunny in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Lopunny loses a lot of what made it popular in previous Pokémon games. Lack of a Mega-Evolution and the ability Scrappy means that Lopunny will not perform as well as you’d expect. However, Lopunny can still dole out damage with a decent movepool and average stats — all of which lean Lopunny towards wanting either an Adamant or Jolly nature. Adamant beats out Jolly due to the Agile/Strong Style system, but both will benefit Lopunny to some degree.

Lopunny’s move pool includes access to strong attacks such as Double-Edge, Swords Dance, Close Combat, Play Rough and Drain Punch. Again, however, lacking Scrappy and a Mega-Evolution, Drain Punch and Close Combat will not receive STAB (same-type attack bonus) benefits, nor will Lopunny be able to deal as much damage — without it, Lopunny’s base attack of 76 is average. As such, Lopunny may end up being replaced by stronger Normal types later on, such as Staraptor or Snorlax.