The best ranger builds for Guild Wars 2

Become one with nature and your big weapons.

Image via ArenaNet

Rangers are some of the most flexible players in Guild Wars 2. Whether you prefer ranged or close quarters, there aren’t a lot of things you can’t do with a ranger. We’ll take a look at some of the best builds for different scenarios in the game, including WvW and PvP.


Let’s get Conquest out of the way first. For this build, you’ll be using either a sword or a warhorn as your primary weapon, while keeping a greatsword at your disposal. Set up your commands with the following, depending on your chosen weapon:

Sword or WarhornGreatsword
Monarch’s LeapMaul
Hornet StingSwoop
Hunter’s CallCounterattack
Call of the WildHilt Bash

For your remaining abilities, put in Healing Spring for healing, Protect Me! and Quickening Zephyr for your utilities, and Strength of the Pack! for your elite skill.

Next, we’ll tell you how to set up your specializations:

Nature MagicWilderness SurvivalBeastmastery
RejuvenationNatural VigorPack Alpha
Search and RescueOakheart SalveResounding Timbre
Fortifying BondCompanion’s DefenseLoud Whistle
Windborne NotesRefined ToxinsTwo-Handed Training
Lingering MagicRugged GrowthPet’s Prowess
Protective WardWilderness KnowledgeLesser quickening Zephyr


For WvW, we recommend sticking with a greatsword, while keeping a sword or ax as your alt weapon. Here’s how to set up your abilities:

MaulMonarch’s Leap
SwoopHornet Sting
CounterattackPath of Scars
Hilt BashWhirling Defense

Use Bear Stance for healing, Dolyak Stance, Signet of the Wind, and Muddy Terrain for your utilities, and Entangle as your elite. Set up your appropriate specializations as you see below:

Tail WindPack AlphaPrelude Lash
Primal ReflexesPotent AllyLive Fast
Furious GripLoud WhistleFurious Strength
SpotterTwo-Handed TrainingEssence of Speed
Hunter’s TacticsPet’s ProwessTwice as Vicious
Vicious QuarryHoned AxesLeader of the Pack


If you’re sticking to the open world, we recommend going with a Druid build as a ranger. This allows you to freely swap between ranged staff attacks and melee hits with an axe or warhorn. Here’s how you can set up your hotbar:

Cosmic RayRicochet
Astral WispSplitblade
Ancestral GraceWinter’s Bite
Vine SurgeHunter’s Call
Sublime ConversionCall of the Wild

Healing should come from We Heal as One! while your utilities will be Search and Rescue!, Protect Me!, and Signet of the Wild. For your elite skill, stick with Entangle.

Finally, here’s the spec sheet for the open world:

BeastmasteryNature MagicDruid
Pack AlphaRejuvenationCelestial Avatar
Resounding TimbreSearch and Rescue!Druidic Clarity
Loud WhistleFortifying BondLive Vicariously
Natural HealingWindborne NotesNatural Stride
Pet’s ProwessLingering MagicNatural Mender
Lesser quickening ZephyrProtective WardGrace of the Land