The best time to stream on Twitch

Get the most out of your stream time.

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Making your way up the long ladder that is Twitch is tough. You are competing with thousands of other people looking to grow their viewership. One of the decisions you need to make when creating a schedule for your stream is to believe you will reach the biggest audience. Finding the time to utilize your streaming optimally takes time and experimentation while needing to fit it into your existing duties.

When it comes to picking a time to stream, you need to establish what audience your stream is reaching for. 

Streaming Twitch’s most popular games

If you play hugely popular games typically picked up by the biggest streamers, such as Fortnite and Call of Duty, then you will need to be smart about finding your audience. It’s extremely unlikely that any of those viewers from the big streamers will drop them to come to your stream.

Check the schedule of those streamers and try to stream before or after they finish to give yourself a chance to pick up that audience.

Streaming viral games

If you typically play viral hits, such as Fall Guys, Among Us, or Genshin Impact, try to carve your schedule out during a typically quiet period for your time zone. This includes times such as in the morning or early afternoon.

With this, it could allow you to pick up a bigger share of the audience at this time. It may not have the highest viewer count throughout the day on Twitch, but you will have less competition from those hosting these games in the evening.

Stream dedicated to one game

If you are a streamer dedicated to a single game, the time of day is less important. So long you have a schedule that you stick to, network with other players of the game, and continue to play the game consistently, you should naturally bring people who enjoy content from that game. This is more so if you play a niche game with a smaller but dedicated following, such as the Souls game or osu!

However, if you can also stick to a dedicated, less congested time of day with your game, it should give you the best opportunity to help grow a loyal following for your schedule.

Ultimately, there is no set time that is best to stream on Twitch. Different times work better for individual needs, and if you stick to a schedule with a time that suits you, progress will come with it.