Best ways to earn money in Weird West

Welcome to the gold rush.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Weird West is an immersive sim, and part of that subgenre involves managing not just your ammo and weapons, but money too. The west has gold a-plenty, but you’re going to want to know how to maximize your findings. The best gear doesn’t come cheap.

First and foremost, you’ll earn money for completing quests and collecting bounties, so be sure to stay on top of those. You should always be looting every corpse you find in Weird West, and you’ll often find gold lining the pockets of the deceased. The world is also littered with pick-me-ups, including gold coins. They’re found atop tables and inside containers — more on those in a moment. Be sure to pick up everything you see.

That includes junk items too because these can be sold at general stores. Weapons can be scrapped or sold as well. The thing is, you have limited inventory space. Getting a horse increases this, as you can store items in your horse’s saddlebags, but there’s still a limit. Loot and sell often, and you’ll keep your wallet full enough.

You should also invest in the Scrounger and Haggler perks — two of the ones you should get first. They go hand in hand: the former means you’ll find more gold inside containers that you search, while the latter lowers shop prices. In conjunction, these keep the gold coming in while reducing how much goes out. Finally, the Quick Stealth and Lockpick perks could come in handy if you don’t mind breaking a few laws. Cash registers always have gold, but you’ll need to sneak up to and open them without causing a scene.