Can you catch a shiny Latios in Mega Legendary Latios raids in Pokemon Go?

Should you jump into these Mega Legendary raids?

Image via Niantic

When it comes to raiding in Pokémon Go, you have a limited number of raid passes you’ll receive for free. You want to optimize your raiding activities to ensure you do not waste those passes and receive the best rewards. Sometimes, even if a raid is with a Pokémon that has a released shiny version, that won’t always be available. Can you catch a shiny Latios in Mega Legendary Latios raids in Pokémon Go?

The Mega Legendary raids are a new type of raid available for legendary Pokémon who have Mega forms. Latias and Latios are the first to receive them during the Pokémon Air Adventures event. Both of these Pokémon will be available in raids during the event, giving you a chance to capture them. For those who want to optimize their time, you may want to choose one over the other. However, we can confirm the Mega Latios raid does have a chance for you to find the shiny version of Latios at the end.

Like completing the traditional Mega Raids, after beating the featured Mega Pokémon you receive an encounter with the base form, and you can catch it. When catching this Pokémon, there’s a chance a shiny version could appear as a reward. Even if the shiny Pokémon appears, there’s a chance it could run away and escape you. If you’re trying to hunt down shiny versions of Latios, the Mega Legendary raids are a good opportunity to add them to your collection.

Mega Legendary raids will be challenging, so we do recommend you bring a handful of other players with you to attempt to beat it.