Can you save Evelyn Parker in Cyberpunk 2077?

Damsel in distress.

Evelyn Parker is one of the first characters you will meet in Cyberpunk 2077, as she is a contact on a job for Dexter. Her storyline is not the happiest, which has people searching to find out if they can save her.

This is kind of complex and extremely spoiler, so we will break her story up into segments below so we can answer questions that people might have, and also make this into an “opt-in” spoiler experience.

Evelyn versus Dex

Evelyn will ask you to betray Dex and cut him out of the deal. You will also have the chance to tell Dex about her plan. We would suggest not telling Dex because he turns on you no matter what you do.


In the Disasterpiece mission, you need to rescue Evelyn after the scumbags at Clouds sold her off to some pretty graphic Braindance producers. This will see you working with Judy Alvarez to save Evelyn from a powerplant that has been taken over by the gang. Play through this mission and you will find Evelyn and bring her back to Judy’s place. Evelyn is in a bad way but is alive, for now.

Major Spoilers

Judy will eventually ring you and ask you to come to her apartment. Evelyn has killed herself, unable to handle the trauma of her experiences in the powerplant. This cannot be avoided, as it is story progression for Judy and your character. So, no, you cannot save Evelyn in the long term.

You can get revenge for her, quite a few times. During Judy’s story arc, you will get a chance to kill the guy who runs Clouds and sold Evelyn off in the first place, and some Tyger Claws will show up in the Pisces mission that are clearly aware of Evelyn and what happened to her, so you can murder them too.

While you may not be able to save Evelyn, you can make sure that the people who wronged her are nothing but another cautionary tale in Night City.