Cheat codes for Hay Day

Scrounge for diamonds until the cows don’t come home.

Image via Supercell

As a mobile game, Hay Day is designed to encourage your spending habits, just short of forcing you into it. Diamonds are difficult to come by, and although cheat codes are not specifically available for Hay Day, we’ll offer you some tips to get the most out of the game without opening your IRL wallet.


Diamonds are sold through Hay Day, and you could potentially spend a ton of real money on them. Fortunately, there are many other ways to earn them in the game if you’re patient. Linking the game to your Facebook account will give you extra diamonds each time you gain a level. At level 24, you can start to literally mine for diamonds, using TNT inside the mine. You’ll net a few diamonds with all of the explosions. You could also go fishing for diamonds once you hit level 27 by fixing the boat. The size of the fish you catch will determine the number of diamonds you bring in: one diamond for a bronze fish, two for a silver one, and three for a gold.

Experience Points

EXP is hidden in newspaper advertisements. When you see an ad for apple trees, check out the farms with them. When you locate the shaking apple trees, clicking on the sign will give you an EXP boost. You can pick individual apples from each tree on the farm when you reach level 15, and each apple should give you 7 EXP.


The newspapers also advertise items that are sold in bulk. If you purchase these, you can turn around and sell them individually, making a nice profit along the way.

You can get an enormous amount of gold by going to the Road Shop, buying a new slot, and selling five individual pieces of wood. When another farmer picks up the wood, you’ll pocket half a million gold. You can only do this one time, so make the most out of the bounty you take home.