Crimson Wish guide – Genshin Impact

Make a wish.

The Crimson Wish system is a group of specific quests that you can get access to through the Frostbearing Tree in Genshin Impact’s Dragonspine region. You need to collect Crimson Agate, then give 80 of them in total to the Frostbearing Tree to get access to the Crimson Wishes.

The rewards for Crimson Wish quests are more Crimson Agates, allowing you to fully level up the Frostbearing Tree and get all the associated rewards. When you have access to the missions, they will all occur in the Dragonspine region and will be marked on the map by blue tree icons. The missions will reset every Monday and Friday and will stop appearing when you have fully ranked up the Frostbearing Tree.

Crimson Wish Quests

Ancient Wind

“The only thing that still calls out across Dragonspine is the biting, icy wind. Nonetheless, the ley lines will sometimes produce tiny Anemo elemental particles. Complete this natural challenge and you may obtain the red crystals that the ancient tree desires…”

Mission type: Time Trial

Dredging the Land

“The materials that the hilichurls have piled up here have, by pure chance, blocked the flow of the ley lines. If you can destroy theseĀ Frostburst BarrelsĀ in a short period, you might be able to dredge up the land and obtain more precious Crimson Agates.

Mission type: Time Trial

Icy Harvest

“Crimson Agates seem to contain a bizarre power that does not belong to this land, and it is coveted by monsters and evildoers alike. Defeat them, and these crystals may yet be yours.”

Mission type: Defeat all enemies

Strange Shifts

“The automated defense mechanisms of the ancient ruins have been activated by the power of some crystals. If you can destroy these automated mechanisms in a short time, you may gain the Crimson Agate that the Frostbearing Tree longs for.”

Mission type: Time Trial


“Snezhnayan forward scouts have been active in Dragonspine, seemingly after the unique energy present in this land. Defeat them, and you may yet gain precious Crimson Agate…”

Mission type: Defeat all enemies