Cyberpsycho Sighting: Bloody Ritual – Cyberpunk 2077 – How to defeat Zaria Hughes

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There’s another Cyberpsycho Sighting in the middle of Northside. One of the Maelstrom gang members had one too many attachments placed on their body and has gone crazy. You need to find where the ritual took place and locate the psycho.

Where to find the Bloody Ritual

The start of the Bloody Ritual quest is close to the west portion of Northside. When you arrive, attempt to find a survivor of the attack and speak with them about what happened. The survivor drops an encrypted shard that you need to crack.

How to crack the encrypted shard

After you pick up the shard, it goes straight into your inventory. You can access it by going to your journal tab and clicking on the shard submenu. It will be at the very bottom, under the “It’s Time[ ]” section. All you have to do is solve the breach puzzle, which is random, and you should be good to go.

Search the area to collect information

Now that you’ve cracked the shard, the information you want to find is in the fridge, at the center of the small circle, the bodies, and then there’s a body at the left part of the area, which Johnny points out to you.

After you examine the body, the body submerged in the fridge emerges.

How to beat Zaria Hughes

Zaria is a melee-based Cyberpsycho, and she hits extremely hard. You want to keep as much distance as possible when battling her, which is difficult because she will rush you. For added effect, her blades also have the chance to cause burning damage, and it can stack on your health pretty badly.

She is weak to any weapon that deals electrical damage to her, she takes 30% more damage from these attacks. She doesn’t have any resistances, so any weapon that deals with DOT, like chemical, bleeding, or burning, will also do well to damage her. Her attack pattern matches the other enemies who have mantis blade arms, where they dash back and forth. There’s no special mechanic for this fight. The shard you want to read is labeled “!!!,” in your shard submenu. Call Regina after reading it, and you can complete the gig.