Destiny 2 – Deathbringer Exotic Guide – Symphony of Death quest guide

Ender of lives.

Destiny 2

The Deathbringer is a new Exotic Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2 hidden away behind a multi-step quest. In this guide, we will show you how to finish the quest so you can get your hands on its destructive power.

This weapon has really come into its own thanks to the catalyst, which will greatly increase the damage output in the hands of a skilled player who can take advantage of it.

Destiny 2 – Deathbringer Exotic Guide

The first thing you need to do is finish the Shadowkeep campaign. Doing so leads to a new quest that you must complete for Eris Morn.

Step 1 – Visit Lost Sectors

You need to find and complete three Lost Sectors on the Moon. You might want to do some leveling before setting out on this part. The Lost Sectors will be around 860-890 Power. Below you will find guides with embedded videos that show you how to get to each Lost Sector. Make sure you kill each boss and grab the Cache at the end.

Step 2 – Firewall Data Fragments

For this step, head to the K1 Revelation Lost Sector in Sorrow’s Harbor. It is the only Lost Sector there, right in the center, so it is easy to find. Head into the back of the Lost Sector, and you will see a tunnel to the right. Jump into the pit, and you will find a door that opens as long as you have the Firewall Data Fragments. Interact with the console inside to progress to the next step.

Step 3 – Repair the Necklace

For this part, Sorrow’s Harbor is the best place to go. You need to kill Nightmares using Arc abilities. Nightmares regularly spawn around the Sorrow’s Harbor region, so farm them until this part gets completed.

Step 4 – Visit Eris

Spawn in near Eris, and you will see an open portal. Head through it, and follow the waypoint to Eris. Talk to her, then open the chest beside her to get a Deathsinger skull, and begin the Exotic quest properly.

Step 5 – Gather The Bones

You need to gather up three bones for this part.

  • The first Bone Collector spawns near the Anchor of Light, as is a common spawn for you if this step is active.
  • The second bone comes from the K1 Revelation Lost Sector. Take out the wizards, the crystals, and then the Lost Sector boss.
  • The third spawns when you complete a Heroic Public Event near the Hellmouth.

Step 6 – Kill High Conductor

For this step, you need to kill High Conductor Sulmakta. You can find her in the Scarlet Keep strike, on the second floor of the long elevator journey.

Step 7 – A Good Old Murder Spree

For this part, you need to kill regular Hive, Majors, and Bosses. Once again, Sorrow’s Harbor is a great place to do this, and you can wrap it up very quickly there.

Step 8 – Choir of the Damned

Once you kill all the enemies from the previous step, you get access to a special mission on the Moon. This mission is 920 Power, so you might need to grind a bit to be able to do it. Once you complete the task, the Deathbringer is yours!