Does Dead by Daylight have cross-progression? Answered

Can you transfer your progress?

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Jumping between platforms when playing a game can be beneficial if you can only play one at certain times. The downside to doing this is you’ll sometimes have to remake the profile you were using, and if so, you may not be able to carry over your progression from your main account. Thankfully, there is cross-progression in some games. Does Dead by Dayling have cross-progression?

Cross-progression in Dead by Daylight

We can confirm Dead by Dayline does, and does not, have cross-progression. If you were playing Dead by Daylight on Stadia and have the game available on Steam, these two platforms have cross-progression. If you’re playing Dead by Daylight on the PlayStation 4 or 5, Xbox One or Series X/S, or Nintendo Switch, you will not have access to cross-progression. For now, these capabilities are unavailable to players. If you’re trying to bring progress over from your main account from one platform to another, you’ll need to start over from the beginning.

However, the development team behind Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive is looking to try and expand this. The Dead by Daylight Community has been asking for this feature for quite some time, and with it available between Steam and Stadia, many hope they can see the feature extend out to consoles. The team has no expectations for when this will happen or how far along they are with adding the feature. So far, it seems the team is aware the community wants it, and they’re trying to move this ahead.

We’ll be updating this information should Behaviour Interactive offer further insight into their progress or additional comments to make regarding cross-progression.