Does Espurr have a shiny version in Pokémon Go?

Has it released yet?

Image via Niantic

Espurr is the first Pokémon to be released from the Kalos region in Pokémon Go. They were built up as a big surprise for the next raid-exclusive Pokémon in the game, and when they were revealed, players were capable of taking it down by themselves as it is a one-star raid in the game. So long as players properly prepare to down the Psychic-type Pokémon, they should solo it. While Espurr is not the most sought-after Pokémon, players are curious if the shiny version is already available.

When the assets were originally shown to be in the game, they were revealed by the data mining group, the Pokeminers on Twitter. The post that contained Kalos Pokémon shows Espurr with its shiny form, alongside its evolved form Meowstic, both male and female.

Just because the assets were pushed, does it mean they’re in the game? Players have not reported or confirmed that the shiny version has been released at this time. It doesn’t look like it as no player on Twitter, or the Silph Road Reddit page has not shared any verification posts.

Niantic will likely be releasing the shiny version for Espurr for an event in the future, or it might be something that could be turned on after the official launch of the Kalos Celebration event. That event takes on December 2, so if it doesn’t release or there’s no verification a few days after this, Espurr will likely be coming in a future event, so we won’t know when that’ll happen. We’re left in the dark until the player posts a verification post, or Niantic confirms it from their Twitter page.