Does Evil Dead: The Game have singleplayer? Answered

Do you plan to go it alone?

Evil Dead the game characters

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Evil Dead: The Game will primarily have you working together with a team of four Survivors as you attempt to fight off a demonic presence. Your goal is to make it to the end, banishing the demon and army of Deadites hunting you down. If you’re waiting for your friends to jump into the game, you might want to do something yourself. Does Evil Dead: The Game have a single-player campaign or mode?

Is there singleplayer in Evil Dead: The Game?

We can confirm Evil Dead: The Game does have single-player elements. You can choose to complete six missions to unlock extra content and Survivors. If you want to unlock the entire roster of Evil Dead: The Game, we recommend working your way through these missions and finishing them before jumping into an online match.

Outside of the missions, you can play a match with a team of AI. It will be with you three AI-controlled survivors attempting to fight a Deadite as it prevents you from collecting all of the Necronomicon pages and banishing it back. It’s a suitable game mode to play if you want to try understanding the game’s basic mechanics before you join a match working with and battling against real players. The more you play these matches and level up, the more skills you’ll unlock for your characters, making them stronger.

Beyond these two moves, Evil Dead: The Game does not have a single-player campaign or mode. You can only go through these, and the missions section does not have a difficulty setting, along with the AI demon you’ll fight in the single-player Evil Dead matches. If you were hoping to jump into a campaign, Evil Dead: The Game is not what you want to play. You will also need an internet connection if you’re going to play at all, even if you plan to only jump into the available single-player content.