Does Weird West have a multiplayer mode? Answered

Can you deputize other players and ride together?

Image via Wolfeye Studios

Weird West is an impressive immersive sim from veterans of the Dishonored series. It lets you play through five different journeys across the wild west, with stories steeped in supernatural elements. For every cowboy and criminal, there’s a witch and a werewolf. If that sounds dangerous to you, then you might be wondering if you can ride across the frontier with friends in multiplayer.

The answer is no: Weird West is a strictly single-player game. This is largely due to how it’s structured, with specific choices and consequences that play out across its five chapters. Getting other players in on the action would have only further complicated things for developer Wolfeye Studios. That said, you can form a posse with other AI characters. Mercenaries, and even protagonists from the various journeys, can be recruited to your team. You can have two followers at a time, whether they be hired hands or heroes who volunteered to help you out of a sense of duty.

Multiplayer or not, Weird West is worth playing. Game Pass subscribers can jump in for free on Xbox or PC, as it launched on the service. Anyone giving it a go is probably going to want a few pointers too. Knowing how perks and abilities work is key to surviving in the wild west.