All Don’t Starve Together characters ranked from worst to best

Which survivor you should use for multiplayer and solo play.

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Don’t Starve Together has eclipsed its predecessor as one of the most popular survival-horror games currently available. The game has a myriad of characters available for players to use. Each character has unique abilities and stats that can make the game a cakewalk or nightmare. With so many characters and features available, it is difficult to choose which is best overall.

We have made it a bit easier by creating this list of every player character available in Don’t Starve Together. The list is from the worst to the best for all-around gameplay. Each character is unique and can drastically change playstyle and the difficulty of the game. If you choose your character wisely, it is easy to achieve the experience you are looking for.


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Wes is really only useful if you want a challenge. He gets hungry faster than any other character, which can make him a bit of a pain to deal with. He also does less damage than most of the other characters. Constantly having to worry about food can be a nice but annoying challenge. The only redeeming quality is that he can distract enemies with his special by creating balloons. Aside from his distraction ability, Wes is best used for players that want a difficult experience or if you are playing co-op and your partner doesn’t mind carrying you.


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Wilson is the original character from Don’t Starve and is treated like the default character in Don’t Starve Together. Wilson is a good all-around character, but he lacks the abilities that draw players to other characters. Wilson has well-balanced stats, so he isn’t very good at anything, though isn’t very bad at anything either. His only useful ability is that he can grow a beard that helps him resist the cold. Players can shave the beard and collect the hair for use later. Luckily, Wilson has no real drawbacks like the other characters in the game, making him a good character for just about any situation.


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Webber is exclusive to the Reign of Giants DLC. He is a humanoid spider with a couple of unique abilities and drawbacks. Webber can befriend spiders and eat monster foods without any problems. He also grows a beard like Wilson, but Webber’s is made from spider silk. The beard can be harvested for silk, and shaving it increases Webber’s sanity. The big downside to Webber is that his beard can cause him to overheat, and most good mobs like pigs and catcoons will attack him on sight. He also has lower max sanity.


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Willow is obsessed with fire, and that is about all she has going for her. She is immune to fire damage and being close to fire will restore her sanity. She starts with a lighter that will burn indefinitely and act as a light source. The biggest drawback to Willow is that if her sanity gets too low, she will set a fire at her feet, potentially burning anything you have built in the area.


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Wolfgang is good for players that are particularly good at farming food. He starts with a high maximum hunger and gains stat boosts based on how full he is. As he eats more food, he becomes stronger, faster, and gains bonus health. Naturally, the opposite effects will occur if his hunger drops, so players will need to keep an eye on it to get the full benefits. Wolfgang would be higher on this list, but he loses sanity quickly in the dark and even faster if there are monsters around.


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Wickerbottom is very powerful on her own, making her good for both single and multiplayer. She is a great choice for any player regardless of experience in the game. Wickerbottom can craft five different magical books using papyrus that can give access to a variety of AoE attacks that devastate mobs in the area. She can also make all Science Machine recipes without building the Science Machine.

A nice extra benefit is that Maxwell can also read these books to regain some sanity. The biggest disadvantage of Wickerbottom is that she loses sanity very easily. She is an insomniac and is unable to sleep in a Tent, Bed Roll, or Fur Roll. She also loses sanity when she reads one of her books to use its effect.


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WX-78 is best used in multiplayer gameplay. The little automaton makes for the perfect tank on any team. They can eat spoiled foods without any penalties, which makes it easier to keep him fed. They can also use System Overload when it is struck by lightning. When using System Overload, WX-78 moves at 1.5x speed and can act as a light source. The biggest downside to this character, though, is that he starts with fairly low base stats, so he will need to be carried a bit in the early game.


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Walter takes a little while to get used to, even for veteran players. New players should not pick him up until they are comfortable with the game and its mechanics. Walter is a ranged nomadic character that is great for exploring. He has a variety of unique crafting recipes that include a portable tent and a portable storage pet named Woby. For his main weapon, he uses a slingshot that deals very high damage and can use a variety of ammo with various effects.

The slingshot is good for keeping a low profile around hostile monsters when playing with an aggressive party. Unfortunately, he has low health and his sanity is connected to it. He loses sanity as he loses health, and he has an allergy that causes him to take extra damage from Bees. His sanity mechanic can be a bit tricky to nail down as many items that normally affect it, both positively and negatively, work differently for Walter.


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Depending on who you ask, Maxwell is either the best character in the game or the worst. He was the villain in the original game and is an excellent addition to any co-op team in Don’t Starve Together. Maxwell can summon Shadow Puppets to handle all of the more time-consuming tasks of the game, such as mining and logging. Maxwell’s puppets can farm a lot of resources while players focus on other matters. The biggest downside to Maxwell is that his health is abysmal. Maxwell is best used in multiplayer as he isn’t particularly useful on his own.


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Wendy is a bit morbid, but still very useful in Don’t Starve Together. Wendy herself can be a bit of a challenge to play, but she has a special that can save you in a pinch. Wendy can summon her ghost sister, Abigail. She starts with a flower that will bloom after a few days. Once the flower is bloomed, you can place it on the ground and then kill a nearby mob. Abigail does massive amounts of damage and will follow Wendy wherever she goes until the ghost takes too much damage.


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The best thing about Woodie is his talking ax, Lucy. Lucy encourages Woodie to chop down trees. This is actually pretty useful, as Lucy can cut down trees faster than a normal ax and does not ever break. Trees provide a bunch of different resources, so having an immortal chop-happy ax can be very useful. Woodie also has the special ability to transform into one of three different were-creatures during a full moon or if he eats two Monster Foods in less than four minutes.


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Wormwood is a unique character that is very useful to have around in a multiplayer game. Wormwood is able to grow plants much faster than other characters and can plant multiple plants in one area. This is the perfect farming character for any team or for building up your resources. This character works particularly well on a team with Wolfgang, as he requires a lot of food to get full access to all his abilities. Wormwood is great at making food for every other character, but he can’t produce any for himself. Players will need to find other ways to heal Wormwood as he cannot eat normal food. Honey Pultices and Healing Salves are the best options for keeping him alive.


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If you like playing as Webber, then Wurt will feel very familiar. Wurt gives access to crafting recipes involving the Merms. She is able to create Marsh Turf and a Royal Tapestry with the use of a Science Machine. The Royal Tapestry will eventually allow players to create the King of the Merms, which will buff all Merms, including Wurt. The King can give Wurt some useful items like seeds, trinkets, and kelp fronds.

Marsh Turf increases her movement speed, and if she drowns, she only loses the item she has in her hand. Most monsters are neutral towards her, and she can easily befriend Merms. The big challenge with Wurt is that she is a vegetarian, so she cannot eat anything with meat in it. Keeping live aquatic animals like fish and eels will give her a steady supply of sanity.


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Wortox is an imp and a former compatriot of Krampus. This is a character for those with aggressive playstyles. Wortox can eat normal food, but only gains half the health provided by them. He primarily eats souls that are dropped by players and mobs on their death. Wortox gains souls by being within 20 units of a mob or player when they die.

He can consume the souls to satiate his hunger at the expense of sanity, or he can use them to heal himself and nearby players. Wortox can also use souls to teleport a short distance. This is an excellent character for co-op who pairs very well with characters that deal high damage to monsters like Wigfrid and Wickerbottom.


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Winona is another technical character that should be on every multiplayer team. She makes farming easy and has numerous devices at her disposal to help a team breeze through the more difficult stages of the game. Winona can craft unique machines like catapults and spotlights. The best of all the items she creates is the Trusty Tape that can repair damaged clothes and repair boat leaks.

Crafting with Winona will drain her hunger, but she can create items and structures twice as fast as other characters. Her devices have endless uses for clever players including farming mobs. Winona will lose hunger as she crafts at a steady pace. Once her hunger drops to 50, she will stop losing it when crafting but will only be able to craft at the normal rate for all characters.


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Warly is another good character for explorers. He can set up shop just about anywhere thanks to his portable Crock Pots and Chef Pouch. The Chef Pouch doubles the life of food items while he can use the Crock Pot to cook unique recipes. Warly also gains more health, sanity, and hunger from items cooked in a crock pot than other characters.

Gaining more hunger from these meals is particularly useful as his hunger drains faster and normal meals are not as effective for him. He is also a picky eater — he will remember meals for almost two days and will only receive a percentage of the benefits from a meal he has already eaten recently.


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Wigfrid is popular for two big reasons: she can provide good headgear for her team, and she does huge amounts of damage. Wigfrid’s helms are very useful in co-op play as they are cheap and can provide a decent amount of armor without being costly or needing to worry about repairs. Her Battle Helm can protect from 80% of damage with high durability.

As a DPS character, she can steal life from live mobs to replenish her own HP. The biggest downside to Wigfrid is that she is an avid carnivore and refuses to eat anything that does not include meat. This is a great character for new players that fits well into any co-op team.