Epistrophy mission guide – all Delamain car locations – Cyberpunk 2077

Rogue vehicles.

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Image via CD Projekt Red

One of the running missions in Cyberpunk 2077 is to get all the cars back for the Delamain AI. Lots of the vehicles appear to have gone rogue, and can be found all over the city causing all sorts of havoc.

Getting them back ranges from easy, to very difficult, with some easter eggs and good times thrown in to the mix as well. In this guide, we will be keep tracking of where to find them, and what you need to do to get them back.

Epistrophy: Wellsprings

You can find the Wellsprings car near Megabuilding 2, driving aggressively through the streets. This AI has gone off his rocker, and will try to ram you. You will need to damage the car enough so that it can’t move. The easiest way to do this is find some stairs, park your own car to block them, them run up the stairs a bit and lay into the Delamain car with your weapons.

Epistrophy: North Oak

The North Oak car is much easier to deal with, as it is just scared. You can find it driving in circles around a roundabout in the North Oak area shown above. You drive past it on the way to the memorial in the Happy Together quest. For this car, all you need to do is carefully drive it back to Delamain HQ. Don’t drive too fast, and don’t crash it.

Epistrophy: Badlands

This one is surprisingly simple, as the cab will be pretty much exactly on the mission exclamation point. It will be located out among a lot of trash that you cannot drive over, so you will need to go to it on foot. When you get there, get inside and listen to it talk and the mission will auto-complete.

Epistrophy: The Glen

Another blessedly simply one. Head to the waypoint and you will find the car perched on the edge of a half built overpass, facing a massive stadium. You will need to talk it down, as it is thinking about driving off the edge, but there does not appear to be a way to fail this conversation.

Epistrophy: Northside

Another easy one, just head for the marker on the map by following the waypoint. The car is hiding in a yard just off the main road. He will run, and all you need to do is follow him until he crashes.

Epistrophy: Coastview

This one is fun, as it is basically a Portal Easter Egg. You can find the car at the location marked above, and will need to follow it for a short journey. The car will speak like Glados, and will eventually lead you into an ambush. Take out all the gang members, then listen to the car insult you some more and it will finally drive back to the Delamain HQ by itself.

Epistrophy: Rancho Coronado

For this one, you just need to head to the map marker and you will find the vehicle very easily. It won’t return home until you have dealt with some garden ornaments, however. Smash up eight flamingos to send it on its way.

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