Estoque vs. White Wind in Lost Ark: Which ship is better?

Sail the seven seas optimally.

Image via Smilegate

Estoque and White Wind are some of the more popular ships in Lost Ark, and many players are not sure which ship to upgrade. Upgrading ships in the game is quite the investment, as there are many moving parts to upgrading a ship. It is also just expensive. As a result, it’s best to upgrade one ship at a time. Therefore, you might be wondering if you should upgrade the Estoque or White Wind.

Should you upgrade the Estoque or the White Wind?

The Estoque ship has a base speed of 20.0, while the White Wind ship has a base speed of 19.0. Additionally, the Estoque has all-around balanced resistances, while the White Wind ship has more resistances focused on Sandstorms. The White Wind also has higher durability.

Resistances are important on ships, as there are many hazards that deplete your durability faster around the Sea of Gienah. Therefore, it’s recommended that you upgrade the Estoque ship over the White Wind ship.

Be sure to use any resources you get in ship upgrading to the Estoque. You will eventually want to upgrade to the Astray ship, but until then, the Estoque is good enough. You’ll find yourself repairing your ship less and saving some silver, so upgrading the correct ship is important.