Every shrine in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and what bonus they provide

Buff from the gods themselves.

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Shrines are important collectibles in the Wonderlands. These magnificent buildings are built to represent various gods like Mool Ah, Zoomios, and Grindanna. These ancient beings want to provide you with useful bonuses. Unfortunately, they won’t just give you the bonuses. You need to work for them. Here is every shrine in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and the bonuses they provide.

What are shrines?

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Shrines are one of the many collectibles that you can find in the Wonderlands. They are all found in the Overworld incomplete. To complete them, you need to collect four Shrine Pieces. Once they are complete, you will gain a permanent bonus of some kind that you will carry with you throughout the entirety of the campaign and into the endgame. Of course, these bonuses aren’t applied to other characters you create, and you will need to collect all the pieces again in subsequent playthroughs.

All shrine bonuses

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As stated before, each shrine will give you a bonus when you complete them. There are six shrines that you can complete throughout the campaign and even in the endgame. You can gain the following buffs from them.

  • Shrine of Mool Ah: +10% Gold Gain
  • Shrine of Zoomios: +15% Overworld Movement Speed
  • Shrine of Grindanna: +10% Experience Gain
  • Shrine of Throatus Punchus: +10% Crit Damage
  • Shrine of Aaron G: +25% Loot Luck
  • Shrine of Crazed Earl: +10% Moon Orb Gain

Each of these benefits will stay with you throughout the campaign. Remember, not all Shrine Pieces can be found right away. Some, like the Shrine Piece of Grindanna, require you to unlock specific locations in the Overworld before you can obtain the Shrine Pieces.